1 Aug 2017

Yorkshire Walks | Sheffield Favourites


This month it will mark 5 years since I moved to this wonderful county.  I thought that because of this, I would share some of my favourite places to hike/walk my dog/photograph that are local to me.

Sheffield really is a special place, to be the home of so much industry and yet to have such utterly wonderful wild places to explore so close by.  If you've been reading along with my ramblings here for the past few years, you'll know all too well that I'm somewhat obsessed with finding beautiful places to explore whenever I have the chance, so here are a handful of my favourites.

31 Jul 2017

Website Launch | Oak & Claw

It's here!

After my annoying perfectionism has stopped me from being 100% happy with my website design (why can't I transfer that perfectionism to other aspects of my life, like I dunno, the tidiness of my house?!), I am now happy to announce that my photography portfolio has been unleashed unto the world.


13 Jun 2017

Lanzarote | Jardín De Cactus

Not long ago Kyle and I went away on holiday to Lanzarote and whilst there we decided to visit Jardín De Cactus, César Manrique's cactus garden.  I'd been to Lanzarote and the garden a few times as a child, the last being when I was around sixteen, so it was especially interesting to me to see if much had changed.  One change I was certain of was actually how much my love and appreciation for plants, especially cacti and succulents, has grown during this time.
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