8 Jan 2018

My Favourite Peak District Hikes of 2017

2017 was a year filled with some pretty wonderful hikes in the Peak District.  Almost every weekend and a lot of weekday dog walks saw me pack up my camera and head out of the city to another beautiful destination.  Hikes like these fill me with such inspiration, but also act like a reset button if I'm ever stressed or anxious.  They've become such a regular part of my life and I couldn't be happier for it.

I thought I'd share some of the locations that I loved visiting as some inspiration for locals and visitors alike.  If you've never visited the Peak District, you need to add it to your list for 2018!

19 Oct 2017

Allotment Diary | Welcome to the Jungle

 This summer I finally took the plunge in applying for an allotment.  I have tried to make the most of my garden in the past, with its conditions so rubbish even the grass struggles, but I knew the time had come to finally take my veggie dreams to the next level.


1 Aug 2017

Yorkshire Walks | Sheffield Favourites


This month it will mark 5 years since I moved to this wonderful county.  I thought that because of this, I would share some of my favourite places to hike/walk my dog/photograph that are local to me.

Sheffield really is a special place, to be the home of so much industry and yet to have such utterly wonderful wild places to explore so close by.  If you've been reading along with my ramblings here for the past few years, you'll know all too well that I'm somewhat obsessed with finding beautiful places to explore whenever I have the chance, so here are a handful of my favourites.
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