13 Jun 2017

Lanzarote | Jardín De Cactus

Not long ago Kyle and I went away on holiday to Lanzarote and whilst there we decided to visit Jardín De Cactus, César Manrique's cactus garden.  I'd been to Lanzarote and the garden a few times as a child, the last being when I was around sixteen, so it was especially interesting to me to see if much had changed.  One change I was certain of was actually how much my love and appreciation for plants, especially cacti and succulents, has grown during this time.

30 May 2017

New Beginnings | Oak and Claw

Welcome to my revamped blog space, Oak & Claw Blog.

I have felt for a while now that I had outgrown The Peppermint Pencil and that as a name it didn't really represent the content that I have been creating.  I wanted something that reflected something natural and wild and thus, Oak & Claw Blog was born.

Another reason, which I find most exciting (and is probably the most important reason for this change), is that I have been working on my new photography portfolio, Oak & Claw, which I will be launching very soon.  I really wanted this blog to run alongside it to document my little business, creative processes and of course my adventures in the British countryside and further afield.

It's only gone and taken me over 5 months to reach this point, so I hope some of you have stuck around!  I'm really looking forward to blogging once again and I hope you enjoy what I've got to share.


28 Mar 2017

The Times They Are A-changin'

...er, hey there!  It's been a while, so I probably owe you an explanation.

I'm currently in the process of totally rebranding this little blog space, whilst also setting up something exciting for it to run alongside of.  I'd ideally anticipated having finished by now, but what with life and work, I've not really been able to allocate a lot of my time to it.

However, I'm reaching a point now where hopefully I'll be able to relaunch.  I do hope you'll stick around!

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