19 Jan 2013

Valentine's Shortbread Hearts with Creme Patisserie and Raspberries (Gluten Free)

Desserts.  My biggest weakness and this one is no different.  I was inspired by this recipe I found on Pinterest the other day.  I decided to keep it fairly basic with the outside of the sandwich as it had to be gluten free by using a shortbread recipe from this book, which is my go-to for gluten free baking.  I also decided to try a cheat's version of creme patisserie by the goddess that is Delia
Firstly I made the creme patisserie, which I will admit did not go to plan.  The recipe states that you add fresh custard and vanilla to whipped creme fraiche and whip again.  This did not work for me, please let me know if anyone has any luck with it.  To save it I added a few tsps of cornflour and put on a low heat until it thickened, then covered with cling film and put in the fridge to cool.  This worked much better!

I then made the biscuits.  You need to mix 100g rice flour, 100g cornflour, 50g caster sugar and 30g light muscovado sugar together until fully mixed.  Then rub in (or put in the food processor and mix with) 120g unsalted butter.  When a crumb texture forms, start to form into a dough.  Flour a clean surface with cornflour  and roll out the dough.  Cut out the heart shapes using a cookie cutter and put onto a non-stick baking sheet or a baking tray with baking parchment.  I cooked these for about 12-14 minutes and then left them to cool.
Next you need to pop the creme patisserie into a piping bag and pipe onto the underside of one of the biscuits.  Push some raspberries (4 or 5 ish) into the cream and then pipe a bit more on top.  Push another biscuit on top, then sprinkle with icing sugar and/or sprinkles. 
If you are making these for your Valentine, you must really love them as they are incredibly difficult to share (and not shove into your mouth whole)!

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