29 Mar 2013

Handmade Chocolate Easter Eggs

I've had a silicone Easter egg mould gathering dust since I picked it up in the post Easter sales last year.  I have not ventured much into the world of chocolate craft (other than eating it), so was excited to have a go at making my own chocolate eggs.  I must point out now that as I am yet to purchase a sugar thermometer, I was unable to temper the chocolate which had I done so, would have probably made the whole experience a little easier as I think the chocolate wouldn't melt as easily when handled.  So if you can temper your own chocolate, I recommend you do so.

I had seen 'handmade luxury eggs' in a variety of supermarkets which are pretty pricey considering they are mainly just chocolate, fruit and nuts, so I decided to have a crack (ahem) at making my own.  This is not a strict recipe as egg moulds vary in size, however the quantities I used are for 5 eggs (3 milk chocolate and 2 white) where the moulds are about 5" in length.

What you will need:
500g Milk Chocolate (approx.)
300g White Chocolate (approx.)
A selection of dried fruit and nuts
Chocolate egg mould
Pastry brush

Firstly you need to melt your chocolate in a double boiler.  Do not let the water boil, just let it simmer.  When melted brush into the egg mould enough chocolate to coat the inside and do not make it too thick.  Refrigerate until set and then repeat this process another 3 or 4 times.

Carefully remove the set chocolate from the moulds.  You can then decorate how you wish using some more of the melted chocolate to stick fruit or nuts onto the eggs and again, once finished, return to the fridge to set.  To attach the two halves together, you need to use a small amount of the melted chocolate around the edge of one of the halves, then press them together.  Return to the fridge again.

To create eggs like the one below, you need to put the fruit and nuts directly into the egg moulds.  Keep them close together and in the centre.  Pour enough chocolate to cover them and refrigerate.  Then repeat as you would for a normal egg.

Be creative, you can melt some different chocolate and drizzle over, make little chocolate 'buttons' by refrigerating discs of melted chocolate and you can be creative with your flavour combinations.  I made eggs that included cranberry, walnut and pecan, kiwi, pineapple and banana and orange flavoured cranberries and almonds.

This was such a fun activity to do and I reckon it would be lots of fun with kids too, albeit a little messy!  Now the difficult part arises where I have to try and stop myself from scoffing the lot so that I can give them to my family on Sunday.  I hope you all have a lovely and brilliantly chocolatey Easter Sunday. 


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