27 Mar 2013

Hanging Easter Egg Decorations

For Easter I created a selection of hanging Easter egg decorations to hang on one of my house plants.   I happen to have a box full of different polystyrene shapes (that's normal right?), so I thought that this year I would finally put the egg-shaped ones to good use!  I wanted them to all be different, but went with a light blue and grey theme to tie them all together.

This isn't a strict tutorial, so feel free to try out different patterns and materials to create your own unique eggs.

What you will need:
Polystyrene eggs of various sizes (can be found in art and craft shops)
Materials for decorating such as: Acrylic paint, ribbon, string, glitter and handmade paper
PVA glue
Glue gun
Paint brushes
Nylon thread
Eye pins 

To make this egg I glued string onto the polystyrene using a glue gun.  Put a little bit of glue at the top then start wrapping the string around, adding glue as you go.  I then tied a ribbon around it.

For this glittery egg I covered half of it in slightly watered down PVA glue, then poured glitter onto the glue.  To leave it to dry, I pushed a needle into the base, then pushed the other end of the needle into an eraser (you can use plasticine or blu-tac too).  Once dry I covered the other half in the same way.  Once it was all dry I repeated the process again, then finished by adding a coating of the watered down PVA to seal in the glitter.

For this egg I simply painted it with white acrylic paint, let it dry and then I dipped the end of a pencil that had a rubber in it into some light blue acrylic paint, then dotted onto the egg.
I cut squares of handmade paper and applied them using PVA mixed with a little water and finished with a coating of the PVA.

I painted this egg with light blue acrylic paint, let it dry and then using a glue gun, I attached this pretty trim around the middle.

Finally for this egg I used the same process to make the polka dots as before, just with the opposite colours.  I also used the same technique as the first egg, only I started in the centre and only wrapped the string around a few times.

In order to hang them, you need to push an eye pin into the top of each egg.  You can put a bit of glue in the hole to make them more secure if you'd like.  Then attach a loop of nylon thread and hang away to your heart's content!

I hope you found this post inspiring and have a go at making your own Easter themed decorations this year.  In the meantime, I am completely covered in melted chocolate from working away like a crazy Willy Wonka lady preparing some very tasty treats for this Easter weekend.  Just need to make sure I don't them all before then...and on that ambiguous note, have a lovely evening.


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