22 May 2013

DIY Tin Planter

I bought this tin of amaretti biscuits just before Christmas from a gorgeous chocolate shop in Sheffield called Cocoa Wonderland, however afterwards I was left wondering how I could give it a whole new lease of life.  I then found quite a few posts of recycled tins as planters on Pinterest and I was desperate to create one of my own.  For those of you who don't know, as well as being obsessed with food and crafts, I also completely love gardening and anything plant related.  You can check out my 'Garden' board on Pinterest here and you can then see what inspired me.

What you will need:

1 pretty tin container (cleaned)
1 small potted plant (I used ivy)
Potting Compost

 Firstly you need to create drainage holes in the bottom of the tin using the hammer and nail.

Then you need to almost fill the tin with compost.  Make sure there is enough room for the top of the soil from your plant to sit just below the top of the tin.

Carefully remove the plant from the pot it came in by squeezing the sides of the pot until it wriggles free.  Don't pull on the plant itself as this can damage it.  Then place on top of the compost in a position that you like.

Finally fill the gaps around the plant with more compost, pat down so it is even and then give the plant a water.

The planter is now on top of my shelves in my living room.  I'm hoping that in time the ivy will grow so it will fall the whole length (probably wishful thinking).  I think I've got the bug now, goodness knows how many antique tins I'm watching on Ebay at the moment.  



  1. these are such a great idea Anya!
    would be good for planting herbs too!
    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp

    1. Thanks so much! I'm always on the lookout for more tins to plant in x


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