16 May 2013

The Great Gatsby Inspired Headdress

So as mentioned in my last post, The Great Gatsby film is now on in cinemas as of today.  Alongside the cupcakes I made which were inspired by the movie poster, I also made this 1920s inspired headdress.  This isn't so much of a tutorial as it is an 'inspirational' post, because I don't feel comfortable giving exact instructions as I am such a novice in sewing.  

As with many aspects of my life, I just pretty much made this up as I went along.  It consists of sequin ribbon slightly crossed over and then sewn, which is in turn sewn onto two pieces of black ribbon (which you can't see in the pictures, this is how it stays on your head).  I used feather fringe, which means I didn't have the fiddly job of attaching feathers together.  I folded the fringe in half and sewed this to the join of the sequins and ribbon.  I sewed on some pearl-like strands and attached the brooch.  I had this brooch already, but I customised the middle section by removing the black gems and adding pearl beads and a large silver gem.

I hope you can make sense of that confusing description and found this post to be inspirational.  It was very comfortable to wear and the woman who I made it for also found it very comfortable despite having a much smaller head than myself (I don't mean she has a tiny head, I just have a remarkably large one).  I fear making this has released some sort of headdress making demon from within, because I found making this strangely satisfying.  There may be some headdresses popping up on the shop in the near future, you never know!


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