12 Jun 2013

Pimm's Ice Lollies

Nothing says summer to me like a big jug of Pimm's mixed with lemonade, strawberries, cucumber and mint.  It is the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ or if I'm being honest, to any warm and sunny day.  The dangerous thing is that Pimm's now comes premixed in a can.  I'm thinking all picnics from now on!?

So you get the idea that I love Pimm's, so it can only be a logical progression to try and freeze it and make it into lolly form.  I did worry as alcohol doesn't freeze, but these came out so spectacularly well that even my non Pimm's loving boyfriend liked them.  I'm going to kid myself that these are healthy too, seeing as there is at least a portion of fruit in each...ahem.

Makes 4 Lollies

What you will need:
2 Cans of Pimm's Mixed with Lemonade
20g Cucumber
8 Mint Leaves
40g Strawberries

Right, I don't really feel totally comfortable calling this a recipe as it is more an assembly of ingredients.    You just need to chop up the cucumber and strawberries into little chunks, roughly chop the mint and then divide equally between the 4 ice lolly moulds.  Then carefully top up with Pimm's so that it doesn't fizz over.  Add the plastic lolly sticks that come with the mould and pop in the freezer OR place in the freezer without the sticks and when it is partially frozen insert wooden lolly sticks if you're feeling fancy, then return to finish freezing.

A demon has definitely been unleashed with this recipe.  It's got me thinking what other cocktails could I make into lollies?  Mojito?  Woo Woo?  Cosmo?  Oh dear...

If you're wondering where I got my napkins from, here is a link to the tutorial where I made them: Hand Printed Napkins.

Day 5: Chocolate and Berry Pudding Pops (Vegan).


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