10 Jul 2013

Blueberry, Lemon and Honey Rum Cocktail

I'm very much enjoying experimenting with flavours in my quest to create interesting cocktails.  I haven't by any stretch have a collecting of spirits big enough to try anything too fancy, however my second cocktail experiment includes some delicious honey rum from the Canary Islands.  I suppose that is a little bit fancy pants. 

Serves 1

What you will need:
25ml honey rum (or dark rum and a drizzle of honey)
1 lemon
150g ripe blueberries
A few cubes of ice

In a separate glass to the one you'll serve in, muddle together half of the blueberries with the rum and a few thin slices of the lemon cut into quarters.  Add the lemonade and leave to steep for a few minutes.  In the mean time garnish your serving glass or jar with a little bit of honey on the rim and dipped in granulated sugar.  I also used a bamboo skewer with some blueberries pushed onto it as a swizzle stick. 

Place your ice into your serving glass and then strain the liquid into over the top, discarding the mushed bits of fruit.  Add some more slices of lemon, a few blueberries and a squeeze of juice from the remaining lemon.  Add your blueberry swizzle stick and a straw and you're good to go!

Kyle, who is normally more of a Guinness kind of guy, absolutely loved this.  I may have a cocktail convert on my hands!  He described the flavour as like Refreshers which cannot be a bad thing.  I do like a drink that tastes like sweets.


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