17 Sep 2013

A Giant Birthday Kit Kat Chunky

Recently I celebrated my boyfriend's birthday.  It was a great day full of bacon, blueberry and maple waffles, presents, yummy party food and lots of nice drinks.  There was however, something a little different, which was his birthday cake.  A while back I stumbled across this post about how to make a giant Kit Kat Chunky and seeing as this chocolate is his favourite, I decided to make him one instead of a birthday cake.  

 This isn't a tutorial as such, I just really wanted to share it with you.  I wasn't one hundred percent happy with it and if I were to make it again, I would change a few things, but Kyle was more than happy with it which is the important thing!

To make the packaging all I did was print off the logo from the internet, cut it out and stick it onto red wrapping paper.  

The indentation of the Kit Kat logo was made by printing the logo out onto card.  I cut out the oval shape, then drew around it onto another piece of card and cut it out.  I cut out each of the letters from the first piece of card, then stuck them onto the second oval, but reversed.  I popped the card logo into the middle of the bottom of a long loaf tin lined with tin foil (just in case it stuck tight).  The tin I used was this one from IKEA.

I used six 200g bars of chocolate and a pack of pink wafers.  I melted some of the chocolate and poured it into the tin carefully over the card so as not to move it and then placed in the freezer to set.  Once set I removed it from the freezer, melted the rest of the chocolate, laid out three layers of wafers in the tin and then carefully poured the remainder of the melted chocolate onto them.  I put it in the freezer to set rather than the fridge as I had a limited amount of time to make this before Kyle got home from work!

I hope that my ramblings aren't too confusing and that this has perhaps given you inspiration to make your own slightly unorthodox birthday 'cakes' in the future.  It went down so well, although I don't really know how we are going to finish it with all of our teeth intact.


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