23 Oct 2013

Zombie Graveyard Halloween Cupcake Toppers - Free Printable!

I've been asked before,  'Why 'The Peppermint Pencil?''.  The reason behind the name is that my two biggest loves are cooking (peppermint) and art (pencil).  Up until now I haven't really shared much of the 'pencil' side of things, but I thought in this post I would combine the two.  I have designed a sheet of 6 cupcake toppers that you can print off and use on your own cupcakes this Halloween.  To create a zombie design was a no-brainer (no pun intended, ahem) as they're definitely up there on my list of favourite things.

What you will need:

Zombie Graveyard Free Printable - DOWNLOAD HERE
Cupcakes (I used this recipe)
Thin white card
6 Skewers

Download the file to your computer by clicking the 'Download Here' link above.  Print onto your card and then cut out each of the images leaving a little bit of a border.  Cut your skewers to size, making sure you leave enough to insert into the cupcakes.  Tape the skewers to the back of each image and then carefully insert into the top of a cupcake.  To make mine look even more like a graveyard, I dusted the cupcakes with cocoa powder.  Enjoy!

I'm so excited for Halloween now that it's so soon, although I still haven't decided on my costume which is very unlike me.  If in doubt, I'll be a zombie.  I do love covering my face in liquid latex and fake blood, it looks so gory.

If you have any problems downloading the file, just email me at thepeppermintpencil@gmail.com.


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