5 Dec 2013

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Image Sources: Decorazilla, Country LivingCountry LivingHouse and Home

Image Sources: The Inspired RoomDigsDigsDigsDigsVibeke Design

Image Sources: Cox & CoxHeart HandmadeDo It HomeIndulgy

Over the years I have developed a fairly strong sense of taste when it comes to Christmas decorations.  What I like now is a far cry from the delightfully tacky decorations of failed school projects past (I made this horribly wonky and deranged looking angel that sat on the top of our tree year after year when I was a child).  Don't get me wrong, I still like a bit of kitsch, but what I really adore now is a style that incorporates the traditional, scandinavian and woodland inspired decorations.

Above are a selection of some images that I found which have inspired me this year.  I wouldn't go as far to say that any of the images are my perfect style, but that is the beauty of creating inspiration boards like this one, it allows the opportunity to select different elements to create the ideal style.

I hope you find these as inspiring as I did!  I may share some detailed images of my Christmas decoration this year, but for now you can see a picture on my Instagram of what it looks like currently.


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