17 Jan 2014

Butterflies, Birds and Bats

Like many people, I generally feel lower when the days are short, cold and grey.  I struggle to find motivation and am usually fairly unproductive.  In order to combat this, I have started trying to make a more conscious effort to get myself out of the house and to do something different at least once a week.  This week Kyle and I decided to visit the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre as we thought a little bit of the subtropical wouldn't go amiss.

We were so lucky with the weather as it was a rare bright and sunny January day.  I would recommend this centre to anyone in the local area as there was such a reassuring focus on animal welfare and conservation. That and you're able to feed, get up close and even pet some of the animals.  In fact within ten minutes of being there I was holding a great grey owl!  

The butterflies were simply gorgeous and just the little injection of summer that I needed.

The leaf cutter were really fascinating to watch as they marched from one side of the butterfly house to the other along a piece of vine.  Great until one of the parakeets landed on the vine and catapulted a few onto my coat.

I honestly squeaked when I realised there were roosting bats literally inches away from my head.  They're one of my favourite animals, especially fruit bats as they're just so adorable.

We were very reluctant to leave the warmth of the butterfly house, yet somehow the prospect of meeting the lemurs dragged us away.  Whilst we weren't allowed to touch them, it was pretty amazing getting the sit next to such a gorgeous creature.

This photo is of when were feeding the meerkats mealworms.  The sounds they made were hilarious as they scrambled for the worms.

We also fed and petted goats, giant rabbits, chickens, geese and wallabies and as much as I'd love to share even more photos, pictures of chicken aren't quite as interesting as the ones you've already seen.  We both had such a wonderful afternoon, we consequently went home and crashed out on the sofa.  Clearly too much fun for us both.  

Hope you've had a lovely Friday.



  1. Oh my goodness, what a great experience! I would LOVE to feed meerkats! :D And that photo of the bats is just way too cute.

    1. I honestly felt like a big kid the whole day, just wonderful. So glad you enjoyed the post! I just checked out your blog and your pictures are just gorgeous, love your collection of curios - am very jealous!

  2. Oh my. Adorable, beautiful photos! The one of the bats is stunning. And the GIFs? Beautiful! There's something of the magic of the zeotropes about them.


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