16 Jan 2014

Hello 2014!

Hello again and happy new year!  Sorry that this is so overdue and for being absent for such a long while.  I completely lost my blogging mojo what with my birthday, Christmas, NYE and many other distractions that life threw at me.  However, I am back, more focused and striving to make this year count.

2013 was such a learning curve for me.  My first full calendar year out of education was quite a shock to the system, as I graduated into a world that is hard and competitive.  However, with all that I learned about the world and myself, I feel more confident in what I have to do to achieve my goals in 2014. 

These are my goals for the new year:


I am currently working on some illustrations to be exhibited very soon with the awesome Killustrated and Hush the Hound.  I will be blogging about this very soon with more details.

This year I will be working on expanding my shop with more of my illustration work in the form of prints, cards and stationery.  I will also be adding some more craft based products.

I am working on a couple of children's books and am aiming to get these completed this year.

To sell my work at craft fairs.

The hardest goal of all is to have an income from my work.  From the knock backs that I had in 2013, this is definitely the most important goal for me.


I will be travelling more this year and would really like to blog more about where I've been.  Is this an excuse to eat lots and take photographs of my food?  Yes, it probably is.

To travel around the UK more and try to seek out lesser known places and/or attractions and share my adventures on here.

One of my biggest aims for my blog is to show more of my arty side.  Whether this be in the form of gallery trips, posts about artists and illustrators that I like or fun illustration tutorials.

The hardest goal for my blog is to do what I want to do and feel passionate about, not what I think people want to read.

Myself and Relationships

I've found with social media that somehow I make even less of an effort to contact friends as I am always updated with what they're up to.  I will be trying a lot harder to talk to my friends directly and to visit them, no matter how spread out over the country they are.  I really want to make them feel appreciated.

To make more of an effort to visit my brother, despite how long the drive is!

I don't want to say that I want to 'lose weight' or 'be healthier', rather that I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

Right, enough about what I'm going to do and time to get on with doing it (that should be another goal really)!  I hope you've all had a good start to the new year and that you have a lovely day.


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