10 Jun 2014

After the Rain

There has been so much rain where I live recently and it has left me with a severe case of itchy feet.  Before we went away to Europe, we walked loads in the countryside nearby, but the rain put that on hold.  To my relief, the rain eased off the other day and we rushed out before the sun set.  I love the time just before dusk when there is just enough light and the birds get really vocal.  As it was late, the birds were pretty much the only noise other than our footsteps and chatter.

These walks with Kyle are a kind of therapy for me, we talk about all sorts of things, but usually end up talking about life ambitions, the deep stuff!  It's great to have the opportunity to talk without the distractions of the various screens in our home and it always gives me a little boost of motivation and inspiration.

I want to try some new walks this summer and really explore places local to us, as we have so much beauty on our doorstep, it would be a waste not to.



  1. Beautiful images - everything always looks so fresh after a rainfall.

  2. I really like this post :) me and my boyfriend do a lot of walking at weekends, feels really healthy, motivating and like you said its nice to escape from social channels and TV's etc.

    Got any recommended places? :)

    Keeley Ann xx

    1. Thank you, really glad you like the post. We do a lot of our walking in the north of the Peak District. There are loads of great routes around the reservoirs and rivers there!

      Thanks again for your comment.


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