30 Jun 2014

An Afternoon in Bakewell

Recently Kyle and I took a trip to Bakewell for a few hours to enjoy the (intermittent) sunshine and to have a little explore.  Bakewell is such a pretty little market town, with gorgeous old cottages, shops and pubs.  We hadn't really planned to do much other than mooch, which made for a lovely and relaxing afternoon.

We wandered around looking at the shops and then around some of the more residential streets, taking in the beautiful, old architecture.  

Visiting in the summer meant that there were stunning flowers in bloom in almost every garden and quite a few that had escaped the boundaries, bursting out of the cracks in the walls and pavement.

We walked along the river where it splits and essentially turns part of Bakewell into an island.  The smaller bit of river is in a gorgeous, quiet area with gardens backing onto it.  Each garden had little steps down to the water, which more often than not, were occupied by ducks soaking up the sun.  

The river itself was full of what I believe to be brown trout.  Some were absolutely huge and with such pretty markings.

Walking back through town to the main riverside area we caught a thief stealing cherries from outside a grocer's in broad daylight!

We stopped off at a delightful little delicatessen and farm shop where I spent ages trying to dissuade myself from buying the majority of its contents.  We ended up choosing a Bakewell tart, some delicious mango and ginger cheese and some chutney, plus snacks to tie us over before our dinner later on.

We ate overlooking the weir and bridge, watching the ducks and geese and enjoying the tranquility.

Kyle insisted on ice cream (not me this time, there is a first for everything), so of course I had to oblige.  We bought a vanilla cone and a strawberry split from the ice cream van and walked for a while longer around the cricket pitch, which like most of Bakewell, has wonderful views of the river Wye.  Like on most occasions I had to pry myself away from watching the wildlife in order to head home.

Although a short visit, it was definitely a perfect way to enjoy a sunny afternoon.  I'm already thinking of where to visit next, but that's no surprise!



  1. Your photos are beautiful! Bakewell looks lovely. I really want to go there!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    1. Thank you! You definitely should go, it is so pretty. There are lots of really nice walks nearby too x

  2. I love Bakewell Tarts and isn't the place beautiful!! The more of the UK I see, the more I realise I just couldn't live anywhere else!!

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. Oh I completely agree! So many places get overlooked, yet are so wonderful x

  3. These are absolutely stunning photos, and such a beautiful description of your day! Sounds like you had a lovely day :) xxx


  4. wow, bakewell looks so pretty! i do love me a big juicy bakewell tart :D



  5. These pictures look so lovely. It makes me want to go and visit Bakewell again. I have only been for GCSE geography field trips and trust me when I say doing litter and traffic counts in a place take away some of the beauty. But I might have to give it a second chance! Also, I love the pictures from the residential areas, I love wandering around the back streets, I always go off into day dreams about what it would be like to live somewhere.


    1. Thank you! You should give it another chance for sure. I'm totally the same, I think I spent quite a large portion of our time there saying which houses I'd like to live in. It's a great place for dream home inspiration! x

  6. As someone from the town doing a stint abroad you have just made my rather home sick, you have done the town justice with your blog!!


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