9 Jul 2014

Another Day, Another 'Nice Walk'

For those of you who haven't gathered yet, I have a little bit of an obsession with going for 'nice walks'.  I'm so very fortunate to be with someone who shares my passion, albeit perhaps not quite so enthusiastically, because we get to go and be immersed in nature as often as we can.  Whenever we have a spare hour or so, I inevitably ask Kyle if he fancies going for another 'nice walk' and as I have mentioned before, the outdoors is the ultimate in calming my mind and putting everyday stresses into perspective.  I covered it more in my The Peace of Wild Things post that I did last year.

I'm so very glad that I decided to bring my camera with me this particular time, as the light was so beautiful that it would have been an absolute shame not to have captured it.  We began our walk in a village called Low Bradfield, just outside of the city.  This had been one of the locations where the Tour de France had passed through, so of course there were themed decorations and yellow bicycles to be found.

We had a quick look at the duck pond before we began our walk.  The birds were more or less unphased by our presence, apart from a couple of geese who were quite keen on making sure I didn't go anywhere near their gosling.

We then headed up the path towards High Bradfield and walked around Agden reservoir.  The woods are a beautiful mixture of old oaks and other native trees right next to beautiful pine trees and areas thick with ferns.

Some of the older oak trees here are quite spectacularly tall and gnarled and definitely calling out for me to climb them.

In the undergrowth, Kyle spotted a lovely little toad!

The walk was cut short and the trip back to the car was somewhat of a hurried one as the skies suddenly started turning from bright blue to dark, dark grey and looking very ominous indeed.  As luck would have it, just as we sat in the car the skies opened.

I feel a little stuck in my comfort zone walk-wise at the moment.  Definitely need to start branching out a bit rather than sticking to the same old favourites.  I am going to Wales next week however, so that will most definitely help.  Might even scout out some wild swimming spots, weather permitting!



  1. Beautiful blog & photos! Great photos of the toad!! xx



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