7 Jul 2014

Impromptu Barbecue

Last week was a bit of an off week for me, nothing specific, just general mid-twenties existential crisis stuff.  I definitely needed a bit of a pick-me-up, which to my luck came in the form of my blog passing one hundred followers on Bloglovin, which is just amazing!  A huge thank you and hello to everyone new here!

After the great news I decided to stop off and buy food for a very spontaneous barbecue, partially as a surprise for Kyle after he'd finished work, but mainly for my own mini celebration.  Plus the weather has been pretty random recently, so I thought I'd just make the most of the lovely evening too. 

The food I picked was pretty simple, as is usually the case with spontaneity, but my goodness was it delicious.  Meat, veg, bread and of course something sweet for afterwards and maybe a few bottles of deliciousness.

Our garden is north east facing with lots of very tall trees, which for a very keen gardener is a massive hardship.  Oh how I'd love to grow fruit and vegetables and also be able to sit in the evening sun.  It was in fact sunny when we had our dinner, but not in our garden under the shade of the terraced houses and huge sycamore trees.  You may also have noticed that these photos are all close-ups and I'm going to be totally frank with you, our garden is looking a little bit sad and tired at the moment.  After being away travelling it turned into a jungle and then Kyle attacked the lawn and now it is dry and patchy and rather unappealing!

We did try and make it look pretty for our meal, pretty and practical with the use of multiple citronella candles and citronella tiki torches.  I didn't get bitten which is a first, seeing as I am usually an all you can eat buffet for biting insects!

We had a little visit from a couple of neighbourhood cats as I was preparing pudding.  They do love to hang around in our garden, not that we encourage them to...

Pudding consisted of barbecued bananas with dark ginger and orange chocolate and some squirty cream.  Nothing refined about this, but good grief, just look at it!  I used Divine chocolate which I'd not really tried before, however I've recently become very conscious of palm oil in food.  Not going to get preachy, but if you're interested just do a quick internet search about why it's not great.  It is very commonly found in chocolate, but Divine is palm oil free and fair trade!  Oh and if you fancy something sweeter, you have to try their white chocolate and strawberry bar.  That thing is dangerously good.  I'm not sponsored by them either, just a huge fan!

We ended the evening perfectly with very happy tummies, crashed out in front of the TV, rewatching Firefly for the nth time - bliss!  



  1. Mmm! This all looks delicious & congrats on passing 100 followers on Bloglovin' :)

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  2. Ahh this looks gorgeous. Keep that chin up mid20s crisis is the bain of my life. Congrats on 100 followers on bloglovin. I found your lovely blog on there. Keep ip the good work.

    1. I'm glad you liked the post and thank you so much for following me - I've followed you too! It's words of encouragement like these that help for sure :) x


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