14 Jul 2014

Little Corners of Mine

As a renter, I try and do the best I can to make my home look and feel the way I'd like it to.  As much as I'd love to paint the walls, change the kitchen and most definitely rip up the not so delightful blue carpet, I know I am fairly limited as to what I can change.  Over the past few years Kyle and I have accumulated a collection of things that make our house feel like our home and not someone else's.  With this in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite corners and nooks of our home.

I love collecting things like interesting glass bottles, vintage pots and tins, holiday trinkets, ornaments and art prints.  They are what I suppose you could call my 'tasteful' decorative items.  I also have an ever growing collection of unicorns, Yoshis and other game and film memorabilia...sorry not sorry (although I do promise I won't end up like this guy), life is too short to always be tasteful!  

I have a great love of plants and gardening and the small window ledges that we have are all pretty much full of succulents and cacti.  One of my most recent additions is actually in the garden just outside of the kitchen window, an adorable alpine strawberry plant, with its tiny, sweet fruit.

The attic is our office/studio/workspace where we draw and write.  The best way for us to stay inspired and motivated is to collect images from galleries, magazines, markets and fairs and to stick them on the walls around where we work.  I also have a few pretty things for the sake of being pretty, such as crystals, fake flowers and a plastic bunny lamp!  I may have to take back that part about being tasteful...

In our bedroom I have tried to make some of my jewellery into a feature.  It does help that I have this stunning metal stag jewellery holder for my necklaces, it is by far one of my favourite things that I own.

Kyle spent quite a while making the bottles on the bookshelf in our living room look quite so amazing.  I'm still not entirely sure how he managed to make them look so good, although it was probably a lot of patience (of which I lack).  

This picture kind of confirms why we will never have that minimalist, ordered and spectacularly clean look that I see so much in other bloggers' posts.  As beautiful as minimalism can look, it just isn't and never will be us.  This point is probably proven by the little camel that I hadn't even noticed had fallen down, poor thing.

I hope this has been inspiring and if not, been good for those of you who love a good nose around other peoples' houses - I know I do!  If you want to know any more about some of the items pictured or even if you'd like to know more about my print collection for example, please let me know!



  1. Love your print collection! Looks like you've got a really lovely home :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


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