24 Jul 2014

Yorkshire Sculpture Park | Flora and Fauna

In yesterday's post I talked more about the art side of visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park, today is about the natural side.  

I got very sidetracked whilst visiting in trying to capture the natural beauty of the place, the plants and the wildlife.  The quantity of different flowers and insects was absolutely breathtaking.  In some parts there were many butterflies including tortoiseshells, peacocks and cabbage whites all dancing around and feeding on the lilac coloured thistles.

The air also hummed with the sound of bees, flying from flower to flower and was a wonderful sight to see.

In certain areas of the park, sheep roamed freely and were seemingly not bothered by any human presence. Alongside the sheep were loads and loads of Canada geese, grazing on the grass and cooling down in the river. We actually witnessed a young sheep, run down to the water, have a drink, then turn and run back up into the field not noticing all of the geese and almost hurtled straight into one.  Never seen a sheep jump so high!

We also came across an old and probably long dead tree that had some amazing fungi on it.

It was so lovely to witness the joys of the English countryside in the summer.  This sort of experience only fuels my love for wildlife photography.  One of these days I'll be able to invest in a telephoto lens and finally get some pictures that don't involve me having to creep* up on things to get a decent shot.  I'd love to chat photography as it is one long learning process for me and am always eager to hear any wildlife or landscape photography tips!

*According to my darling boyfriend, my 'creeping' actually involves a lot of stomping and noise-making.  What a lovely, graceful image.

As I said in my previous post, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is great for both art lovers and nature lovers alike and if you can, you should visit whilst the weather is still warm as it is simply beautiful.



  1. I love butterflies! I really love that photo of the goose, it's really perfectly framed. I'm a bit of a photography novice and all I go on is trial and error for my photos.

    Really lovely photos!

    ~ K



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