15 Aug 2014

10 Tips for Overcoming Creative Block

The past few days have been ridiculously frustrating.  My car has been in the garage and it has been raining quite a bit, so whilst I have been stuck in the house I decided to take the opportunity to try and create some sugar-free recipes.  I have been baking away like a woman possessed!  This turned out to be harder than anticipated and needless to say, three failed recipes later, I am feeling a little bit parched when it comes to ideas and motivation. Inspired by, well by my lack of inspiration, I want to share with you the things I do to help get rid of those inevitable creative blocks and what to do when projects don't quite go to plan.

Be kinder to yourself
Creative projects take time and there is no point in putting yourself under pressure.  Don't try and force a natural process.

Leave it and come back later
Take a few minutes to do something different and/or have a nice cup of tea.  Give your brain and eyes a rest.

Your environment matters
An untidy workspace can have a direct impact on creativity and productivity (I really should listen to my own advice).

Brainstorms, lists and doodles
They don't have to make sense or look pretty, just get whatever comes into your head onto a piece of paper.

Keep inspired
Look at the work of people you admire, trawl through platforms like Pinterest and StumbleUpon, go to galleries, read books/blogs/magazines and watch documentaries.

Exercise can often be a surefire way of getting out of a brain fug.

Step away from the screens
With computers, smart phones and tablets, we can get a bit too used to having screens to aid creativity.  Try going off-grid for a while.

A change of scenery
If you're struggling for ideas, try going somewhere new.  I find that familiar surroundings don't actively aid creativity.  A quicker fix is having a change around in your workspace.  I try to change up my studio periodically just to try and keep the ideas flowing.

It is perfectly fine to have a little cry.  Goodness knows I have shed a few tears over creative projects.  Grab some tissues, give yourself a bit of a mental slap and start again.

Don't flog a dead horse
There is actually nothing wrong with admitting defeat in some instances.  I find it can be better to start afresh with a totally different idea, rather than trying to stay passionate about something that is failing.  It is also completely ok to look at something you've been working on and think, 'This is crap.'  Scrap it and start again!

I hope these tips are helpful!  Do you do anything different to help overcome a creative block?



  1. Really helpful tips Anya, I know I will employing some of those in the near future :)

    1. Thank you! I'm going to take my own advice and go out with my camera and a sketchbook today, hoping I'll get inspired (and won't get rained on) x

  2. Good tips there Anya.

    'Step away from the screen' & 'Leave it and come back later' are the two that work best for me.

    'Don't flog a dead horse' is also one that I use quite often...

  3. Oh my GOSH I could have written this exact post myself this week...if I'd gotten past the flogging a dead horse whilst weeping stage that is ;) My car is out of action right now too, and I've been feeling so lacking in oomph all this week! So needed to read this, it's a godsend! Hope you get your car back soon! Mine should be back in business Tuesday, fingers crossed! xxx

    1. Oh nooo, I'm sorry that you suffered the same fate as me. It can be so disheartening when things don't go right. Isn't it rubbish when you get stuck inside for ages? I need to get out for my walks (I really need a dog to make that sound less weird) to keep me happy! Thank you so much, I'm really glad this post was useful :) Hope your car gets sorted soon x

  4. I do love a good walk to get my head back in order. Not just creatively but for all things life related, walking is good :)

    1. I completely agree, walks are one of the best quick fixes for sure (that and chocolate) x

  5. Genius - as a fellow creative I definitely adhere to the sweating and also making sure i get a good laugh in to my days!


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