3 Aug 2014

Quitting Sugar | Week 2

Well this week has been an eye opener.  After a slow-ish start, I have started to notice some definite changes to my body since dramatically cutting down on my refined sugar intake.

I have been cutting down further this week, but not completely eliminating sugar just yet, that hell is week 3 onwards...

What I've eaten:

Lots of protein, unprocessed cheese, big salads, vegetables, potatoes, gluten-free pasta, poached eggs and omelettes, natural yoghurt and nuts.

I had some Kettle Chips with one of my lunches because I was craving crisps and cruelly, loads of flavoured crisps or crisp type snacks have sugar in the flavouring.  No more Snack a Jacks (cries).

I bought myself some stevia which is a natural sugar free sweetener and it saved me from a low point this week. I just mixed some unsweetened cocoa powder with organic natural yoghurt, some vanilla essence (not the extract I usually use as it has sugar in it, that came as a shock) and some of stevia.  It is scrummy and brilliant for my inevitable chocolate cravings.

Food pictured above L-R:
A tomato, spinach and cheese omelette.
Flat mushrooms with goat's cheese, salad and crisps.
Roast chicken with onions, lemon, garlic and salad.
Potato, broccoli, onion and cheddar fritters.

What I've drunk:
Same as last week, lots of water because I'm always thirsty, green tea and fruit teas and a little bit of white wine. Oh and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a naughty virgin strawberry mojito, my last hurrah I guess.

Weight loss:
This has been the big shocker.  I never really considered myself a snacker, or at the very least a bad snacker, but since I've cut out processed snacks as well as desserts and fruit juice, the weight has continued to drop off. I've lost 6lbs so far.  I don't see it continuing at such a rate, because as I mentioned in my last post, I think it may have been a bit of water retention as well, but it is nice nonetheless!

How I feel:  
I am now experiencing proper hunger, not the nagging feeling of just wanting to eat something out of boredom. Most interestingly for me though is how I have started to finish eating when I'm actually full, not doing the classic thing of continuing to eat just because I feel like I should, or that it is just out of greed.  I've managed to make two meals out of leftovers for the first time in forever.  Turns out this no sugar thing could be quite frugal too!

Definite progress, but the real test will be having no sugar for the next month.  I'm going to have to get creative I think!



  1. I'm finding your Quitting Sugar diaries really interesting, but I just don't understand how anyone could cut out sugar. It just seems impossible to me, I crave it whenever I finish something savoury and in general! And I've always been a fairly healthy eater but I find meals like this really boring personally. Not that they don't look great, I mean you manage to make a load of vegetables look very appealing but I just know that when I make something like that I really want something afterwards because I find the meal boring and I'm not really sure how to get rid of this feeling!

    You've only just started but do you have any tips? I would never completely quit sugar, but I would like to wean myself off it slightly and become more interested in ultra healthy things like in your diaries!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

    1. I may not be getting across in my posts how hard it is not to have a pudding haha! I have always craved sweet after a meal and still do, just not quite as desperately as I did. What I will do is post some of the sweet, but sugar free things I have been eating in my next post and perhaps that may help. What the book recommends is in the first instance, to replace when you would eat sugary things with eating fatty things like nuts. Really tough, but it does work to some extent and then I have the sugar free chocolate yoghurt for when it is not quite enough.

      Currently I am just doing the detox to help me kill the cravings and be in control of my sugar lust. I fully intend to still have a little bit every now and again after I have detoxed, I am definitely not planning on giving it up permanently! I guess it is more about changing the relationship I have with sugar.

      I have a few sweet recipes that I have been testing that I will be sharing in the next couple of weeks, I hope they will be helpful too! I'm really pleased that you find this series of posts interesting and I hope they will continue to be so. x

  2. I really am looking forward to reading more of these posts! I'm starting the 'keto' diet tomorrow which is low-carb, high fat, so kind of similar to what you're doing. So tonight I am going crazy eating the leftover ice cream and yoghurt in my fridge. I am going to regret this tomorrow!!

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

    1. I'd be interested to hear how that goes for you. Hahaha, I did the same with chocolate and juice before I started this! Really pleased you're enjoying the posts! x

  3. God cutting down on sugar is hard and I am loving following along with you. I have the occasional falling off the wagon but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. I don't want to make myself miserable after all :) Missing out on dessert is SO hard!

    1. Isn't it though!? It seems to be getting easier, but I don't want to tempt fate! Really glad you like these posts :) x

  4. You're inspiring me to do something similar. I don't eat a huge amount of sweets or cakes, but I bet I eat a hell of a lot more sugar than I think I do...! Hmm, lots to think about!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Oh that's awesome! In all honesty, a lot of my sugar intake came from condiments, I'm a bit of a chutney addict too (and sauces, relish, pickles...). I hope my diary posts will be helpful x

  5. Good job! You're really inspiring and your posts make me more and more keen to try something like this...

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    1. Thank you so much! I just wanted to create honest posts about trying this out and not lecturing anyone on what to eat. It's great that you're interested in trying it out too :) x

  6. I just did the I Quit Sugar 8 week program too. I found it really difficult when I had to cut out fruit in the middle but now I feel so good! It is amazing to really pay attention to how much sugar is in what we eat. I don't know if you have experienced it yet but I got a lot of backlash from friends and family- I like what you said about not lecturing anyone what to eat.
    Sarah, Sipping Life

  7. I just finished the 8 week program. I found when I had to cut fruit the hardest but it gets easier as you push through! Now I'm just playing with the balance of my social life and not eating sugar. I love what you said about not lecturing people on what they eat- it is so true! Glad to find someone doing the same thing!

    Sarah- Sippinglife

    1. I'm impressed that you've been able to cut out fruit too. I made a conscious decision not to, as I started to feel quite unwell without it, although I'm only eating a small amount. I explained more in my most recent diary entry. I'm not very good at following instructions haha! I hope you find this experiment interesting nonetheless x


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