10 Aug 2014

Quitting Sugar | Week 3

This week was my first week of absolutely no added sugar and it has been tough.  I've tried different recipes including making sugar-free ketchup and have experienced some fun emotions that I totally caught me off guard.

What I've eaten:
Pretty similar stuff to last week, namely lean meat, vegetables and potatoes for dinner, such as roast chicken breast with garlic and rosemary roasted new potatoes, sweetcorn and broccoli (picture four above).  I also had salads and cheese for lunch and yoghurt, nuts and a few berries for breakfast.  

I have tried some new things this week, including egg and bacon 'muffins' (picture one above) which I shared with an overly pleased boyfriend, excited to be getting a second breakfast.  Very yummy, but really filling, not something I could eat often!

I also had a try at freezing my chocolate yoghurt concoction and had a bash at making a chocolate fudge sauce to go with it (picture two above).  Tasty and great for satisfying chocolate cravings, but could definitely be improved and I will be tweaking the recipes this week.

I had my first eating out dilemma.  I'd been trying to avoid it to make sure I had complete control over what I was eating, but when visiting friends, we were invited to this restaurant and could hardly decline.  I chose the chicken leg stuffed with black pudding, mash, watercress and mushrooms (picture three above), which was delicious.  It was definitely hard not choosing dishes with relishes, sauces and dressings.

What I've drunk:
Water, herbal tea and white wine.

Weight loss:
So I may have taken the 'you can drink wine' a little too literally, as I've put a couple of pounds back on.  I may have also been overcompensating with fatty food too.  Going to see if I can get a better balance this week.

How I feel:  
I've had a couple of outbursts where I've not really known why I was upset or stressed out, only to be gently reminded by my ever-patient boyfriend that it was probably sugar withdrawal that was doing it.  

I have not been feeling well on and off this week, mainly an upset stomach and some nausea.  I'm not sure if it is diet-related or just a mild bug, will have to see this week if anything changes.  It feels pretty weird documenting this, but I said I was going to be honest about everything to do with this diet change, dicky tums and all!

For those who were wondering where I stand when it comes to eating fruit or to cut it out for the 4 weeks as the book suggests, I have decided that I will continue to eat fruit, albeit not loads.  I feel that this is the right decision for my body and also because I will be going away on holiday during the detox, I came to the conclusion that it would just be way too difficult and ultimately stressful if I had to try and avoid fruit completely.  I think it is safe to say that I'd rather eat fruit than go hungry because I don't have any other options!

Some more interesting progress this week.  It has definitely been fun trying out new recipes and learning more about how to nourish myself without added sugar.



  1. I love that the whole experience leads to lots of new recipes and meal ideas. That's the perfect diet, not cutting out but just adapting and changing. I dislike the idea of having to go without or go hungry. Roast chicken and veg, is a pretty staple meal in our household!
    The more I read your experience, the more curious I am about it. I was thinking we don't eat too much sugar, but in the sense of sweets and such, but I imagine we consume a lot more sugar in things you don't expect to.

    Good job on eating out, sometimes eating out is complicated when you have a specific requirement and I wish places could be slightly more accommodating/knowledgable at times.

    ~ K

    1. Oh definitely, it has been a lot of fun almost unlearning how to make things and then relearning it without the added sugar. I don't know if my recipe page is anything to go by, but I am certainly never going to do something that leaves me hungry haha!

      The hardest part has definitely been the realisation of how much sugar is actually in savoury things, I mean crisps, why?! Thank you, eating out was stressful and is definitely going to take more practise. I reckon I'm going to have to take my ketchup with me when I go to the seaside. I am not missing out on chips and ketchup! x

  2. Hello darling! I have nominated you in my Liebster award post! I'm sure you've already had one but I couldn'tleave your blog out, I love it! I hope that's okay with you!


    Love Andie xo

    1. Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you! I have done one before, but despite that it is very kind of you to nominate me. x

  3. I experienced the strange moods too so I can relate. It's actually quite scary because I personally felt a bit out of control and over-emotional. Definitely levelled off now although I do eat a bit more sugar than you do, I just try to keep it unrefined where possible :) xx

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone and am not just a bit crazy! I sometimes get in the annoying mindset where I'm upset and have no clue why. I usually would eat something sugary as a quick fix, so now it is a little bit more tricky. x

  4. I've really tried to cut down on my sugar recently too but to cut it out entirely must be a whole different story! People used to take the mickey out of me because I had tomato ketchup with everything but it's so full of sugar...now I have tomato puree! I think I just need a dip with my food! There are often good substitutions for sugary foods, it's just a matter of finding the ones you like. Good luck with it all and lovely blog!

    Caroline x

    1. Oh I've had the same problem with ketchup too, not our fault it goes with almost everything haha! Yeah it is tough, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it if stops my sugar cravings in the future. Thank you :) x


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