17 Sep 2014

September Wishlist

Come September I get this itch to organise, declutter and change around my home, change up my wardrobe, try new recipes and despite having been out of education for a few years, I still feel the need to buy new stationery.  Old habits die hard I guess!

Although we are now halfway through the month, I thought I would share with you a mixture of things that I really like at the moment.

- Perfect for making notes and sketching, plus I love the crystal design.

- I would live in boots if I could and I have been so looking forward to it being cool enough to do so.

- To aid in getting organised whilst looking awesome.

- Cosy jumpers are a staple of my autumn/winter uniform.

- The dark purple of the amethyst stone would go beautifully with an autumn wardrobe.

- This handmade tote bag is so gorgeously crafted, plus I love the muted hues combined with the cactus print.

- I love this print by Alex G Griffiths.  One for the collection hopefully!

- Having finished my 8 week sugar detox, I'd love to try out some more delicious healthy recipes.



  1. Ooh I LOVE that cactus bag, I'm a fan of all things cactus related to be honest:') I swear some black chelsea boots have been on my list for the last three years but I still haven't got them, definitely a purchase this autumn/winter as I love wearing boots more than any other type of shoe. On my list would be some cute stationary (I'm starting university so obviously this is essential:')), the perfect black coat, some statement necklace and of course the boots :)
    Helena / helenaterry.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It is so beautiful isn't it? I'm the same, I'd have them all over my house if I could! Good luck with starting University x

  2. I love the sharpener pot! That would look good on my desk. +Wishlist

    Reinventing Neesha ♥


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