24 Nov 2014

Twilight on the Moor

The hardest thing about loving the outdoors is when the days get shorter and the window of opportunity becomes smaller.  Sometimes the only time we can make it out is just before the sun starts to set.  The silver lining to this is that it does make for some beautiful light, creates such a magical atmosphere and also encourages you to get a wiggle on before sundown.

The landscape up on the moors is so wonderful and was exceptionally striking with the setting of the sun which lit the rocky outcrops in the distance creating a red hue, which immediately made me feel like we were on a grassy version of Mars.  This area is also a place of conservation for birds, so we happened upon a fairly tame grouse who amused us for a while with its funny song.

A walk at this time of day always makes me have a good old contemplate, a bit of a deep think.  It suddenly occurred to me that my birthday is in just over a week, which struck me as odd because this is probably the first year where I haven't been excited for weeks beforehand.  Ah the joys of getting older!  I am excited about one thing, which is my main birthday present and if you are a bit of a photography nerd like me, it will excite you also. Let's just say I'm (hopefully) going to be able to up my wildlife photography game soon, eep!

In regards to what I wrote about in my last post, I'm starting to work out a schedule that allows me to fit in blogging, illustrating and all of the other things I've had to juggle.  I'm sorry that the past fortnight has been a bit poor in content, I promise there are fun posts coming up very soon!



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