19 Dec 2014

The Foodie's Gift Guide

Finally the last instalment of my three part Christmas gift guides, The Foodie's Gift Guide. Let's be frank, I have a huge obsession with food and all things to do with food and I most certainly could have put way more on this gift guide.  I did eventually manage to whittle it down to some gift ideas which would I think would be be great for both men, women and couples.  I love all of the items I've included, however I think that the Foodie Dice is an especially fun concept where you have a selection of dice which you roll to create lots of new and interesting meal combinations.  I also do have a soft spot for olive wood and I think it looks really stylish, so I had to include the whole of the Olive Wood Serveware collection from John Lewis as I just couldn't pick one item!

I hope this gives you a last minute bit of inspiration if you are yet to have finished your Christmas shopping.

Part One:  The Adventurer's Gift Guide
Part Two:  The Creative's Gift Guide



  1. I love the bronze cutlery! I know it's bronze, but it makes me think of rose gold a little! Lucy x


    1. Yes! I kinda love it for its rose gold look too x


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