6 Jan 2015

Hello 2015

Another year, another post about goals, aims and resolutions.

The great thing about having a blog is to be able to have something permanent to look back on and use as a checklist for the year.  Last year I split my goals into three categories, 'Work', 'Blog', 'Myself and Relationships', but I'm adding an 'Other' section this year for the smaller miscellaneous resolutions.  I was also tagged by the lovely Andie to do The New Year Tag so am going to include some answers to the questions from that too.

2014 in Review

My biggest achievement of 2014 was probably participating in my first group exhibition outside of education.  It was such a success and left me motivated to keep creating artwork to sell in my Etsy shop and at craft fairs, which were two of my main goals that I set last year.  However, my proudest moment was definitely watching my brother perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.  There were both tears of laughter and pride.

My happiest time in 2014 was the three weeks I spent travelling from Berlin to the Amalfi Coast in Italy with Kyle. It was our first trip abroad in the five years we've been together and it was everything as perfect as I hoped it would be.  I am now so excited for the trips we will be taking in 2015, which include Sweden!  I did lose track of posting about my InterRail experience, so if you'd like me to continue where I left off, please do let me know.

2015 Goals

Work - Take more risks and to be more confident.  Know that I do have the skills to succeed and to remember that it will be hard, but not to be put off by that.  I would also like to do a lot more art and craft fairs this year.

Blog - I really feel like I succeeded in posting about what I love in 2014, I just need to push myself to share more of my creative side.  I have had some lovely responses to my dabble in the world of Youtube, so I would love to make some more videos too.

Myself and Relationships - My ultimate personal goal is to feel happier in my own skin and to create healthy habits.  With others, it comes back to confidence again.  The worry of what other people think has held me back too many times and I want to really try and change this. 

Other - 
  • Read before bed rather than look at a screen and aim to read two books a month.  
  • Paint more and take my time doing it, because not everything has to be made to a schedule.
  • Take some classes in new crafts that I haven't tried before.
  • Try and grow at least one vegetable in my (northeast, damp and dark) garden.

Well I'm pretty sure that is enough to start with anyway...I'd better get cracking!



  1. Anya - I'm right there with ya on the last two categories. I really want to feel happier in my own skin and while I'm a pretty healthy eater, I have a terrible relationship with exercise. I'm stuck in a rut and want to try out new ways to exercise! Also, I need to work on my self-confidence...time for some quote hunting on Pinterest :)
    Also,. I got a load of books for Christmas and would love to read some of them rather than spend nights with my eyes glued to a screen!
    ~ Samantha

    1. It's good to know I'm not alone in this! I hope you can succeed in your goals too :) They're not necessarily the easiest things to change, but with a bit of willpower I'm sure we both can do it x

  2. Great resolutions :) Good luck with all of them! And how exciting that you're going to Sweden! Looking forward to hearing how you like it :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    1. Thank you! I know :D so excited and will definitely be blogging about it x

  3. Reading before bed - definitely my goal for 2015! I'm always checking Instagram and Facebook before I go to sleep but I should pick up a book instead :) Nice goals!


    1. Same!! It is so addictive, I hope it goes well for you. Thank you x

  4. I think all of your "other" goals are the same as mine, excluding the growing things one, I kill every plant I touch! Good luck with your goals :) x

    1. Haha! I have an addiction to growing things, every windowsill in my house is covered in plants (all in varying degrees of health). Despite my house/garden really not having the best growing conditions, I keep on trying! Good luck with your goals too :) x


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