28 Jan 2015

Midwinter Snowfall | Video

Snow isn't a guarantee in England, so the fact that in the space of a few weeks there has been three lots of it, is genuine cause for excitement (or at least I think so).

Last week there was yet another snowfall which completely covered the surrounding areas and kept falling all throughout the day.  Seeing as I was unable to drive anywhere, I decided to wrap up and take a quick walk to my local park.  The park is nice, but it isn't anything particularly special, or at least I didn't think so until I saw it covered in snow.  The snow highlighted aspects that I would never have usually noticed, like the new buds growing on the bushes and trees, and the bright yellow of the catkins.  I loved the way that a simple park bench looked under a blanket of white and the delightful, childish charm of a slightly lopsided snowman.

I was also lucky enough to get home and find the sweetest long-tailed and blue tits flitting amongst the elder bushes in my garden, as well as a pair of wood pigeons sheltering in the sycamore tree, fluffing their feathers to keep warm.

To capture these beautiful, small details along with the persisting snowfall and garden birds, I decided to film a video.


I think it is fairly evident that I find the snow completely enchanting and I really enjoyed trying to capture the magic of it in a video.



  1. Beautiful video! Snow really does make everything look rather magical :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    1. Thank you lovely :) It really can make the most mundane thing look beautiful x

  2. Such a lovely video! It didn't snow at all where I live and I was so annoyed as everyone else in the UK got to enjoy a snow day and I didn't :(

    1. Thank you! Ah that's such a shame, I hope you do get some x


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