3 Feb 2015

Snow Date

Kyle's and my favourite kind of dates don't usually involve a candlelit restaurant and a movie, we prefer nothing more than escaping the city to walk in the open countryside and then enjoy some lunch in a pub sign-posted with 'mucky boots welcome'.  

This occasion we decided to take a trip to Castleton, a gorgeous village in the High Peak area of the Peak District.  It is famous for its caverns, the mining of Blue John stone, and of course, its castle.  Each time we have visited it has been particularly busy, but after the recent fall of almost a foot of snow, it was practically deserted other than the odd few who braved the slopes with their skis and snowboards.
We wandered the narrow streets, enjoying the beautiful, old stone cottages and the gushing river full of ducks, until we reached a path lined with a long dry stone wall to the right and a steep slope to the left.  We hadn't quite anticipated the depth of the snow in some places and ended up walking in a rather ungainly fashion where it came up to our knees.  One of us embraced this a little more enthusiastically than the other!
When we reached the large gorge that stands at the end of the village, we decided it best to turn back as our options were either scaling one of the nigh on vertical hills or dodging the snow plough clearing the road which cut through the gorge.  Our stomachs also told us that it was probably best to find somewhere to refuel. 

I believe the perfect way to finish an afternoon spent yomping through snow is to sit by an open, wood fire and eat a delicious late lunch.  I could quite happily have sat there for hours enjoying the warmth and the company of course, although inevitably I had to be dragged away, cheeks pink from the roaring fire, tummy full, (socks still slightly damp) and feeling unbelievably relaxed.  That is my kind of date!



  1. Really liked this post!
    Your pictures are beauuuutiful! Looks like you had lots of fun!

  2. Looks simply lovely !! Xxx


  3. Sounds lovely - my kind of date ! That pub seems wonderful. Just looking at the picture of that fire place makes me feel all toasty (:

    Petite Pomme

    1. Oh it really was just wonderful. I'd do anything for a fireplace like that in my own home! x

  4. Looks wonderful! Being a Derbyshire girl myself would love to visit that pub, could you pass on the name?

    1. Yes of course, it was at Ye Olde Nags Head. Been there again since and it is still just as lovely x


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