9 Feb 2015

Strawberry Cacao Chocolates | Refined Sugar Free

Everyone has a weakness and mine is most definitely chocolate.  Since going on my journey to try and dramatically reduce the amount of sugar in my diet, I have tried a whole variety of sugar-free chocolates to satisfy my inevitable cravings. The only issue I have is that more often than not, these chocolates include chemical sweeteners which can have an adverse effect on the gut, plus aren't always the most natural of ingredients.  I wanted a recipe that wasn't just low in sugar, but that was healthy and natural.

I had bought some cacao on a whim to see what the fuss was about and had only up until recently used it in smoothies and hot chocolate.  When I saw that you could make proper chocolates using the stuff, I knew I had to give it a go.  

This recipe is adapted from the book The Art of Eating Well which is an absolutely amazing book and would totally recommend it!  I have also linked to where you can purchase some of the ingredients below, to make it easier sourcing them.


100g cacao butter
4-5g freeze-dried strawberries
45g cacao powder
½ tbsp rice syrup or maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
A few drops of liquid stevia to taste


1.  Slowly melt the cacao butter in a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water, leaving out a few pieces of cacao to add afterwards.  Make sure the water doesn't simmer or boil and that it doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl.

2.  While the cacao butter is melting, pour the freeze-dried strawberries into a chocolate mould, covering the bottom of each section.  Set the mould onto something flat like a chopping board, as this will make it easier to transfer to the fridge later on.

3.  When the cacao butter has almost melted, remove from the pan and add the additional pieces and stir to melt in the residual heat.

4.  Add the cacao powder, rice syrup, vanilla and stevia to the cacao butter and mix together until smooth.

5.  Return the bowl to the pan of water and heat the mixture again up to 32°C or when the back of a spoon coated in the mixture and then refrigerated, turns the cacao mixture glossy.

6.  Transfer the mixture to a jug, scraping the excess with a spatula and then carefully pour into each of the squares of the chocolate mould.  

7.  Place in the fridge until set, which will take about 1-2 hours, or in the freezer if you want them faster!  Once set, store in the fridge.

Cacao has many health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, making these chocolates much healthier than your average bar of chocolate. They would also make a perfect homemade gift for the slightly more health-conscious and are great to have in the fridge for when a chocolate craving strikes.



  1. Ooh totally need to try this! Since quitting sugar, I've also been looking for a healthy chocolate treat :) Nom.

    1. I was really surprised with how well this recipe turned out if I'm honest ;) Definitely going to be trying out different flavour combos. Would love to know if you do try it x

  2. Looks so lovely, I love anything to do with a healthy alternative to processed and sweetened store bought chocolate Xxxxx


    1. Thank you :) You should definitely try them, so delicious! x

  3. These look gorgeous!


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