4 Feb 2015

Wednesday Words #1

This is my new weekly post called 'Wednesday Words'.  I've chosen to do this for a couple of reasons; I'm glad to have an excuse to practise and share my typography and also it gives a space for regular thought and contemplation.  This week my thoughts have been about patience.  

I have the rather frustrating habit, which I'm sure I share with many, of not being able to compartmentalise things that I need to do.  Instead I end up rushing to try and do it all in one go, then get irritated when I can't get any of it done in the shortest possible time and inevitably don't finish anything anyway.

Being patient isn't solely for work either, patience with everyday occurrences like grocery shopping or being stuck in a traffic jam are just as important.  I began thinking about this whilst in the queue at the checkout at a supermarket, as a toddler quite literally shrieked and threw herself onto the floor in protest of something or other.  Some deep breaths were taken, happy thoughts were conjured and I managed to get through those very long five minutes without biting off the entirety of my lip.  As it turns out, trying to be patient with something annoying was infinitely better than the alternative of being annoyed.  

The difference with these day-to-day events is that you have to finish them, for instance it would have looked a bit odd if I'd have just walked out leaving my food at the till.  I'd be interested to try and implement these techniques and see if they can help with work that is self-initiated, as it is so much harder to have patience with something where you control as and when it is finished or whether or not it looks/sounds right.

When I do remember to work slowly and to have patience, I usually achieve so much more than I would have done otherwise.  Having patience can reduce stress and generate a lot more work satisfaction.  As someone who is trying to work towards becoming self-employed, patience is something that is necessary for me to try and improve and I am hoping that by training myself to slow down and to rush less, it will make me happier in the long run too.

Do you have any of your own tips on how to be more patient?


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