4 Mar 2015

Wednesday Words #4

It's true you know.  If you're reading my blog then I love you.  Well the sort of friendly, I-appreciate-you-stopping-by-and-reading-this-stream-of-consciousness kinda love, nothing weird I promise.

Unexpected kind gestures and words are up there with some of my favourite things.  Not only when I am on the receiving end, but when I see them happen to other people and that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with being unexpectedly kind yourself.  Kindness promotes kindness, so it is something that we all should try and inject a little more of into our daily lives, I know that I should.

Letting people know that they are loved, whether they're strangers, friends or family, is so important as you never really know what is going on in someone's mind or behind closed doors.  That little bit of thoughtfulness could really change the way they feel about themselves or their day, even if only for a short while.

So thank you to the person who unexpectedly told me that they thought I had a pretty name the other day, it did make my day that bit brighter.  In the interest of spreading the kindness further, whoever and wherever you are, I hope that you have a beautiful day and know that you are loved.

You Are Loved first appeared on The Peppermint Pencil


  1. This is so lovely. A simple buy poignant reminder to stop and share the love which could do us all the world of good!

    1. Thank you Sophie, I'm really glad you liked this post x


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