18 Mar 2015

Wednesday Words #5

'Don't sweat the small stuff', is a phrase that has been on my mind this week.  I have been trying to remind myself of this as often as I can, because on occasion a lot of the time I can be quite a worrier.  

I was discussing with a friend about how I've been trying to do something that scares me once a day and she asked me if I was finding it difficult...not so much when you get butterflies at the thought of having to go to the Post Office.  I am aware that a lot of the things that worry me are bordering on the ridiculous, which is why this saying is so important.  It reminds me to breathe, put things into perspective and to get on with it.

When important things come along in life, it is best that you haven't spent your time fretting over the mundane or unimportant, as it'll prepare you for how to cope when it all becomes genuinely and understandably stressful.

With all of this in mind, in a spur of the moment decision, I have decided to do something especially scary (for me at least) and I have entered the Race for Life.  The cause behind this should certainly remind me of how my daily worries are small in the grand scheme of things.  If you'd like to sponsor me, that would be absolutely amazing.

'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff' first appeared on The Peppermint Pencil.


  1. Congratulations! That's absolutely amazing!

  2. Such a great post and a brilliant saying to live by

  3. Love this :) I've always been good at dwelling too much on the tiny issues. It really is so important to remember to put things into perspective. The Race for Life is such a nice initiative! Good luck with it :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    1. Thanks Mimmi! Same, I think a lot of us dwell on the small stuff quite a bit. x


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