7 Apr 2015

Abbeydale Picture House Food & Produce Market

We recently went to another food market that was new to us, this time in the gorgeous Abbeydale Picture House. The building is an old 1920s cinema, ballroom and billiard hall and the architecture is just wonderful.

There were street food stalls outside selling all sorts of dishes, from mussels to indian food and pizzas to BBQ.  We decided what we really fancied were crêpes from Crêpe Lucette.  Kyle chose nutella and banana, whereas I went for white chocolate and red berries; both were totally scrumptious.  Kyle also had some coffee from Motore, which apparently was lovely too (I do wish that I liked coffee so I didn't have to miss out).

The indoor portion of the market included beautiful stalls selling cheese, salads, bread, preserves, chocolate, cakes and so much more.  There were also stalls selling non-food goods including beautiful bunches of flowers by Moss & Clover.

Having not visited the Picture House before, I was blown away by how wonderful the interior was.  I loved the grand balconies, wonderful wallpaper, strings of lights and multicoloured bunting.

There were so many tempting sweet treats including doughnuts, popcorn cakes and brownies, that I caved and bought a delicious chocolate meringue sandwich filled with chocolate ganache to enjoy later on in the day.

I've been really enjoying exploring more of this city and am loving the increasing amount of these wonderful markets popping up.  I love the whole atmosphere of a market, the buzz and the variety of sights and smells.  I would very much recommend this one and I'm excited to visit even more!

The Abbeydale Food and Produce Market is held on the last Saturday of every month, is £2 entry and kids go free.



  1. Beautiful photos! As always. Oh my goodness that chocolate meringue sandwich looks heavenly... *drool*. I love finding a fun market to explore and naturally the more heavenly food the better. ;) x

  2. ahh we went to this, it's such a wonderful venue! Lovely post! x

  3. That chocolate meringue looks divine!

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