1 Jul 2015

Wednesday Words #8

Whilst I don't live in the USA and I'm not homosexual, I couldn't help but feel an enormously strong emotional reaction to the legalisation of gay marriage across America.  When I found out I burst into tears and continued to do so whenever read articles online, watched the Snapchat feed from Pride or read tweets with #LoveWins.

I am not directly impacted by this, but I have friends who are gay and to think what it would be like for them to be denied the right to express that love and devotion through the ceremony of marriage, made me feel so angry and upset.  To imagine what it would be like for it to be illegal for me to marry is just incomprehensible.

Love is love and you can't help who you fall for, so thank you America for bringing happiness to so many people.

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'Love Wins' first appeared on The Peppermint Pencil.


  1. I couldn't agree more, I followed this story with interest and wept when it was declared. This will bring happiness to so many people who just want to express their love.

    1. It was just the best news. Now for more countries to follow suit! x


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