5 Oct 2015

St. Just in Roseland | A Cornish Road Trip

St. Just in Roseland was the next stop on our road trip and with a drizzly start, we arrived at the stunning 13th century church, set in semitropical gardens and on the bank of a deep emerald green tidal creek, dotted with colourful boats.

The walk down to the church is through the steep graveyard, along narrow paths which weave in and out of trees and bushes; the old gravestones looking especially atmospheric in the low light.  It is quite possibly the most picturesque church I've ever visited and I've seen a lot of churches over the years (my mother's route-marched Venice church tour of 2002 springs to mind).  

The overcast sky emphasised the lush, vibrant greens of the palms, ferns and other beautiful plants, as well as the vibrant green water, which gently lapped at the shore lined with headstones.  There had seemingly been a wedding held there recently, for above the church's entrance was an arrangement of pretty white flowers of many varieties, which just added to the beauty of the building.

A short distance away from the church are steps down to a boat yard, which allows for a stunning vantage point of the church, boats and canopy beyond.  It also showed quite how close it actually is to the water's edge.  I loved the combination of elements that you'd expect to find by river and sea, such as anchors and fishing boats, plus the contrast between the tropical plants and traditional English architecture.

As we were leaving and just as we reached the top of the steep churchyard once again, the sun peaked out of the clouds, highlighting the church tower which was framed by trees; a view I'll never forget.

Dubbed the most photographed church in Cornwall, I definitely can see why; it is a photographer's dream.  Had we not made plans, it would have been lovely to have sat on one of the many benches for a while and soak up the atmosphere and stunning views.



  1. Makes me want to pack up and drive there, love Cornwall and Devon

    1. Going through these photos again has me wishing to be back there! x

  2. Such beautiful photos Anya, it's always such a pleasure to visit your blog ♥


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