27 Oct 2015

The Lizard and a Most Southerly Sunset | A Cornish Road Trip

Next stop on our road trip was The Lizard, the most southerly point of mainland Britain.  Here felt so strange; like we'd not noticed that we'd hopped over the channel and magically arrived in the Mediterranean.  The water here is unlike anything I've seen along the coasts of Britain, impossibly blue-green and clear.

Having checked into our room at The Top House Inn, Kyle and I took a wonderful walk down to the sea via the bright white lighthouse in the brilliant evening sunshine.
We followed the coast path along the cliff edge to a rather steep set of steps which led down to Housel Bay Beach, where we paddled, chatted and made friends with the cutest little black puppy.
Just before the last of the beach was covered in shade, we made our way back up the cliff side and through fields in the direction of town.  We passed countless sheep, cows and rabbits who dashed in and out of the bushes which lined the fields.
We quickly decided that this would be a prime opportunity to watch a spectacular sunset after such a clear, sunny day and we were not disappointed!

As quick as we could, we headed down to Lizard Point, the most southerly place in all of mainland Britain, to see the most southerly sunset.  The sun was already in its final moments before dark as we arrived and unsurprisingly there were many people waiting here for the same thing.

I snapped some pictures and then we hurried along yet another coast path right to the point where there was no land between us and the sun, only sea (also no people).

It was such a sight to behold and one that I could never really fully convey in a photograph.  Perched on a rock, we watched the orange light disappear behind the now inky blue of the water.

En route back, we scrambled down below the path to get a closer view of the birds and to see if we could possibly spot any seals, when much to our surprise, we caught a glimpse of a fin sliding through the water's surface; I could only assume it was a basking shark.  Too dark and far away to get a decent photograph, we stared to see if we could see it again, only for the lack of light to bring our wildlife spotting to an end.
It was a perfect end to a perfect day and left me excited for more exploring along this magnificent coastline.


  1. That is such a beautiful sunset Anya! Lizard point must have been such a lovely stop! I went to land's end when i was in Cornwall, pity i didnt get the luxury of watching the sunset!
    Still, the scenery is breathtaking!

    x Carina
    Running White Horses - Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle blog

    1. Isn't it just? Definitely some of the prettiest coastline I've ever seen x

  2. Oh wow I never would have guessed those pictures were from the UK! Stunning! I'm still yet to venture to Cornwall.

    1. Cornwall totally won me over, you should definitely give it a visit :) x

  3. The Lizard is definitely one of my favourite spots in Cornwall. It is so perfect for watching a sunset!
    Stunning photos :) You really captured its beauty!
    Abel x

  4. Oh my gosh! This post makes me incredibly homesick! It's beautiful ^_^ When not at Uni, I live in a village very near the Lizard, on the same peninsula :) That sunset is so beautiful and the colour of the sea is always mesmerising and ever changing. I'm glad you had a wonderful time :) I love the shot of the bunny!
    Also, mussels. aren't they just incredible?! It's as if nature has painted the night sky onto a sea shell. I love to collect them :)

    Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Oh how lucky to live to somewhere so ridiculously beautiful, I'm very jealous! Yes they are the most beautiful colour, so lovely to see them en masse like that. x

  5. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful from the water to the sunset. I imagine this was a wonderful holiday! The beaches where I live aren't rocky and we don't have cliffs like that.

    Stamp, Please! Lifestyle and Travel

    1. It really was such a beautiful trip, I can't wait to share more of where we went :) x

  6. Ohh it's beautiful anya, I can't wait to go back this weekend!! :D Alice xx



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