12 Oct 2015

The Winter Garden

I moved to Sheffield after graduating over three years ago now.  For both me and Kyle, it met all of our needs; a small-feeling city, always with lots going on, a great art scene and proximity to glorious countryside. 

In the first few weeks after moving, we spent a lot of our time getting lost and wandering around the city centre to see what things we would stumble upon.  Having only seen the city briefly a handful of times before, I was so happy to find it exceeded my expectations.  There are so many lovely independent shops, galleries, theatres and gorgeous green spaces.
So when I was asked by Travelodge to share my favourite place in Sheffield as a part of their Flaunt Your Haunt campaign, the first place that came to mind was the Winter Garden.  When I first set eyes on the building I instantly loved it and it has remained one of my favourite spots in the city.  The Winter Garden is a huge greenhouse, with the most stunning architecture and it contains over 2500 species of plants from around the world.  There are little water features, sculptures and even some other creatures lurking in the foliage.  I find it extra special personally, as the smell of the temperate greenhouse reminds me of many a trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens growing up; a smell that reminds me of being young and carefree.
There is always something going on, be it performances, art exhibitions, or even a display of tropical butterflies that we saw in the spring.  At Christmastime the building is transformed with fairy lights, little elves hidden in the trees and a stunning, twinkling tree, taller than my house; it becomes truly magical.

The building is lined with large benches, making it a perfect retreat from the elements and the hustle and bustle. There are also a few small shops and a café within the garden and just off it is the Millennium Gallery where there are always wonderful exhibitions running throughout the year.
If you are ever in Sheffield, be sure to give it the Winter Garden a visit, it is truly a wonderful place!



  1. My cousin recently moved to Sheffield and they're always trying to lure us for a visit ...
    Am suddenly feeling much more inspired! This Winter Garden is stunning!
    Abel x


  2. I love the Winter Garden, I like to just hang out there and look at all the plants! x

  3. What a gorgeous place! Finding green spaces in the city is my favourite thing!

    1. Same here :) I love Sheffield as well because of quite how many parks there are x

  4. Sheffield is the 5 largest city in Britain! Not so small!

    1. This is mainly because of the extensive residential areas. The actual city centre isn't that big and it is really easy to get from one side to the other, giving it a smaller feel.


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