25 Oct 2015

Walk with Me - Rivelin Valley | Video

I decided to film the second of my Walk with Me series along the stunning Rivelin Valley nature trail, which lies just on the very edge of Sheffield and the Peak District.  The route consists of weaving paths alongside the Rivelin river, slippery stepping stones and an abundance of waterfalls and ponds, all under the canopy of a host of old trees.  This particular day really highlighted the beauty of the autumn colour palette, with it's rich yellows, oranges and browns.

Since I moved to Sheffield I have been coming here, to catch quick walks in the shorter days of autumn and winter and longer ambles and paddles in the water in the warmer months.  It is one of those places that changes so drastically with the seasons, each as beautiful as the next.  From ice and snow, to bluebells and the glow of orange leaves and tree trunks covered in fungi.

I find Rivelin Valley to be rather magical; it is the kind of place which I'd imagine could inspire fantastical stories and fairy tales, especially in the early evening as the light twinkles through the leaves, highlighting all manner of plant life, but also old walls and grindstones, a memory of the areas industrial past.

I hope you enjoy the video I filmed along my walk, I really love making them!  I would also love it if you'd subscribe to my Youtube channel.



  1. Oh this is beautiful! I love these videos. And now I very much feel like I need to head out into the countryside for a walk.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    1. Thank you! I'm really getting into making them; I like having a different medium to show off some of the spots I visit x


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