28 Nov 2015

Indie and Vintage | Shopping with a Conscience

I have recently made a conscious decision to try and change my shopping habits.

There were a couple of things that spurred on this change.  The first being not wanting to give my money to the sorts of people who would want to take more money away from those who have very little.  I have bought clothes and other items from companies owned by these sorts of people before and really do not want to do that again!

The second thing was wanting to be more ethical and to put my money into supporting independent artists, creators and makers.  I've recently put a lot more of my time into my own handmade items and now have a greater appreciation of the time and effort that goes into being an independent seller.  I also love the fact that buying independently feels much more personal; the love and care is evident and it feels so much more satisfying as a customer to be giving your money to these sorts of shops.  Plus I especially love getting something unique or uncommon.

• Jacket: Vintage Levi's • Patch: Fennec Design • Wooden Brooch: Kate Rowland • Owl Brooch: My own design

I have really enjoyed spending time at markets, in vintage shops and browsing through Etsy and am really pleased that I have begun injecting something different and ultimately more ethical into my wardrobe.  Don't worry though, I'm not making a sudden change to fashion blogger, however I am really excited to share my indie and vintage finds here.

I'd love to know what you think of this style of post and whether it is something you'd like to see more of!



  1. I love your outfit, these photos and the sentiment of shopping more ethically - that's something I try and do myself. I love shopping at vintage stores and second hand stores - Mum taught me how to find great pieces and it's never failed me! x Carly

    1. Thanks Carly :) I can find second hand shopping a little overwhelming sometimes, hoping to get better at it! x


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