22 Nov 2015

Little Black Box

When I was younger I used to experiment with colour when it came to clothes, make up and even decor, however as I've got older my tastes have got decidedly more specific and at times rather fussy.  When it comes to style I have a love of monochrome which hasn't been the case since I may or may not have tried out being a (very crap) goth in my teens.

The lovely people at TNT Direct contacted me about their #LittleBlackBoxes which they have created to mark the changing of their website from orange to black for Black Friday.  The box would contain a variety of items all coloured black, so I was curious to see what they would include.
Inside the box was:
A Moleskine notebook and pen
Black Jacks
100% Gold Chocolate
Black lipstick
Black nail polish
Black tea lights

I was really pleased to see that the beauty items were from Barry M, a company that I love due to being cruelty free, but also because they're such good quality for the price.  I've used the nail polish before, but the lippy was new to me and I really like it, totally indulging fifteen year old wannabe goth Anya.

I may have mentioned this before, but I'm a bit of a list obsessive.  Writing lists of things to write lists about being a perfectly normal occurrence, so the Moleskine and pen were definite faves from the box.

As you can see, the tea lights have already made it into one of my many candle holders and smell like delicious vanilla when lit.

My final favourite from the box was a bit of a shocker as I don't like liquorice, but lo and behold, I like Black Jacks. Who'd have thunk it?  I had written them off as another liquorice product that I wouldn't like for all these years.

I don't know about you, but I kind of hate shopping.  A combination of a dislike of crowds and an atrocious attention span means that I generally stick to doing most of my shopping online.  This is particularly true of Black Friday, but I'm not one to turn down a bargain, so long as it is an internet based one!  Will you be braving the crowds for Black Friday next week?



  1. I am SO obsessed with that tealight holder! It is so awesome. I just got the yankee candle tea light advent so I'm going to have to hunt to buy something similar. Black Friday to me is always a bit random, but I can't go past an online bargain! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. It was from Asda I think, was a gift though so not 100% sure. Oh awesome, bit jealous as I looove scented candles. Going to have a go at making my own at some point I think x

  2. What a cute box! The little coffee bags look so cute, everything looks so nice! I'm with you about not liking to shop, I like to know what I want and get in and out! So I definitely won't be Black Friday shopping! xx Great post!

  3. Wow what a lovely box! & I love that tea light holder! x


    1. The candle holder is from Asda I think :) x


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