15 Nov 2015

The Forum New Menu Launch

Not too long ago I was kindly invited along to The Forum, a restaurant and bar here in Sheffield, to sample their new menu along with a group of other bloggers.

I was really delighted to hear that along with some of the old Forum favourites, the new menu included fusion dishes with a Korean twist.  I've not eaten much Korean food in the past, but with its increasing popularity I was excited to taste The Forum's take on this trend.

There was an array of delicious cocktails, savouries and sweets.  Below are a selection of some of my favourites from the night.

The Forum's take on an Aperol Spritz, kimchi pork belly and bulgogi beef steamed buns.
 Spicy Sriracha hummus with pitta chips.
Totally scrumptious rarebit fondue with toasted sourdough.  As a self-confessed cheese lover, I found it hard to stop scoffing this dish.  As with many of the ingredients on the menu, the sourdough is locally sourced from Sheffield's Seven Hills Bakery.
Korean pork belly burrito made with brown rice, gochujang mayo, chillies, spring onion and sesame seeds in a flour tortilla.  This fusion dish worked surprisingly well and packed quite a punch.
The soy glazed tofu skewers are definitely up there as one of my favourites from the night, as were the crispy cod pakora.
The second cocktail of the evening was The Forum's take on a daiquiri, made with soju, lime, agave and sweet potato.  I honestly could have had a whole pitcher of this wonderful drink. The sweet potato was only really for colour and raw as a garnish.  I did try a little nibble though, bit like a bland carrot in case you were interested.  The drink itself tasted like liquid lemon sherbets!
The deep fried Korean ice cream sandwiches were utterly moreish and tasted like the best fairground doughnuts I've ever had.  I didn't manage to photograph the next dish of Rolo brownies because I was a tad greedy and devoured them without thinking, whoops!
The final cocktail was the Highland Sour, a palate cleanser to end the meal.  It consisted of Bowmore 12, St. Germain liqueur, egg whites and lemon.  It was definitely the Marmite of cocktails, splitting opinions right down the middle.  I surprisingly quite liked it, despite not being a fan of whisky.

I thought that the dishes were all really tasty and you could tell that the ingredients were high quality.  It was also great to see dishes suitable for veggies like the tofu skewer and fondue, although I'd love to see more gluten-free options in the future.

It was such a fun evening and actually my first blogger event.  I met some lovely fellow bloggers and thoroughly enjoyed being treated to such yummy dishes and drinks by The Forum staff.

There was actually a video made of the evening if you fancy giving it a watch (if you do spot me near the beginning, I have no idea what I was talking about to provoke such hand gestures...).



  1. The entire post made my stomach growl, everything looks delicious! :)

  2. Oooh this really looks amazing! So jealous! x



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