15 Dec 2015

Chesterfield Christmas Tree Festival

Not too long ago I spent an afternoon in Chesterfield, a town south of Sheffield at a Christmas tree festival in the Crooked Spire church.  There were over ninety trees all decorated in beautiful, unusual and creative ways.  Each tree was created by a different local business or organisation.

I particularly loved the contrast of the trees against the traditional setting of the church and the colours of the lights combined with those of the stained glass windows.
Despite it being not all that long a drive, I had yet to visit the Crooked Spire.  The interior of the church is just as striking as the exterior and could be mistaken for that of a minster, not just a parish church.

I may have mentioned in a previous post that growing up I was constantly dragged along to various churches by my mother, especially when on holiday in Europe.  It is funny how much a moaned about it at the time, yet now am beginning to understand her fascination for the buildings.  I love anything rich in history and so this church, predominantly medieval, didn't disappoint. 
The twinkling lights and sparkling decorations of the trees were really a sight to behold.  Some with more modern ornaments and others with traditional.  Even the trees themselves varied, whilst most were a natural green, others were colours such as white and pink and there were even ones made up entirely of twigs.
I do hope that the festival will return again for Christmas 2016 as it was simply beautiful and definitely worth a visit, even if for the church alone!  It was another outing that filled me with festive cheer; a hard task seemingly these days, or perhaps I'm not as much of a humbug as I originally thought?



  1. Lovely pictures! The contrast of christmas decorations and the church's ambient is very pretty xx

    Kat | http://thebeautycandle.blogspot.com/

  2. What a fun festival! The church looks gorgeous, and I love the contrast between all the quirky trees and the majestic church.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    1. I was really surprised by quite how lovely the interior of the church was! Definitely given me some inspiration for decorations next year x

  3. Given how close it is to me I've rarely spent any time in Chesterfield. I think it's had such a bad wrap I've never bothered with it. Maybe I should pop and see that spire?

    1. It's a very pretty church that's for sure, haven't explored any further in Chesterfield however. x

  4. I know its late, but the same festival ran in 2016 too, so hopefully this will become an annual event.

    The church's website is: http://www.chesterfieldparishchurch.org.uk/


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