22 Dec 2015

Reflecting and Looking Forward

Instead of getting wildly overexcited like I used to when I was young, this time of the year inevitably causes me to reflect upon the events of the past twelve months and ponder the twelve to come, so here are my thoughts on 2015 and my aspirations for 2016.

It's been quite an interesting year; I officially went self-employed and I really feel as though my illustration work has improved, despite how low I felt about it last year.

I've loved each and every walk I've taken in my beloved Peak District.  Each time I explore a new place or even revisit an old one, I can't help but love it more.  I have also really loved exploring more of Sheffield in the third year I've called it my home.  There is always something fun going on and I can't wait to experience even more next year.

I really feel as though my confidence has grown throughout this year, which has always been a really important aim for me.  My new job travelling to various cities and having to actually speak to strangers (shock horror, ahem) has completely contributed to this, which makes me even more grateful for being given this opportunity.
2016 is going to be quite a bit of a change as Kyle starts a new job at the beginning of January, which is so exciting for him and I'm unbelievably proud.  I'll have to get used to him being away for regular, 'normal' working hours and only being able to go out places with him in the evenings or, dare I say it...at weekends.  I'm fully aware that it is a bit precious princess of me, but I just hate it when places are busy; there's a reason why I spend so much of my time in the middle of nowhere!

The beginning of next year also brings something very very exciting, but I'm going to be cruel and leave you in suspense until I reveal what it is in another post.

We are also hopefully going to try and move out of the house of mould we call home next year, but in the hope of not tempting fate I'll say that I don't expect we will, but try we must.
2016 will finally bring our much awaited trip to Sweden for a few days, so any recommendations for Gothenburg would be greatly appreciated.  I also hope to explore more of the beautiful British Isles and after the wonderful success of our camping trip to Cornwall (more posts on this are coming, I apparently can't quite accept that it is very much winter now), I hope to go camping at least once again, if not more next year too.

Work-wise I have some big illustration projects that I'll be working on all year, plus adding some more items to my shop.  I really want to reach a point where I can afford to upgrade my DSLR too, because 2015 has really seen me get into photography in such a big way and I'd love to push myself to keep improving.

I've got good feelings about 2016, I hope my gut is right!



  1. Oh, you're going to Sweden! That's so exciting :) I hope you'll have a wonderful time. I hope 2016 will be a fantastic year!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    1. Yesss, I'm very excited :D Thank you x

  2. Such a lovely reflection. And I'm so glad to hear that your first year going full-out self-employed has been epic. I'm looking to do that myself this coming year, and I'm super nervous, and your story gives me a bit of hope and inspiration. xx Here's to a lovely and epic 2016 xx

    1. Good luck with going self-employed!! Thank you, that's so kind of you x

  3. It definitely is that time of year to reflect right? Sounds like you did so well this year and looking forward to all the exciting things of 2016! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Anya!

    Jasmin Charlotte x

  4. What a beautiful post. I love that with the end of one year and the start of another we can celebrate ourselves and think about our desires for the future. I hope 2016 is even better for you!

    Monica x


    1. Thanks Monica. I hope the same for you x


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