1 Dec 2015

Whirlow Hall Farm Christmas Fayre

Each year as I've got older, I've felt less and less festive come the build up to Christmas.  Not being in education anymore certainly contributes to the humbug factor, as there are no longer Christmas events like school productions and concerts, or the excitement for the end of term.

It is very easy to let Christmas come and go without ever really fully getting into the spirit of things, so this year I've decided to do as many Christmassy things as I can possibly fit in, in a mission to feel less like a Scrooge.

On the first day of my festive quest I was totally blessed with the most perfect of days to feel Christmassy as I woke to a thin blanket of the first snow of winter and bright blue, sunny skies.  I set off to meet my parents at Whirlow Hall Farm here in Sheffield, to visit the Christmas Fayre.
The weather was bitingly cold unsurprisingly, but this only added to the Christmassy feel.  Wrapped up in my big coat, scarf and gloves I headed to the farm to meet my parents.  I got distracted looking for them by some gorgeous goats. They're one of my favourite animals and could have happily stayed there stroking them for a lot longer than I did!
Having found my parents, we went to explore the various barns which had been transformed into gorgeous winter wonderlands with all sorts of stalls.  We started with food stalls and I was totally blown away by the quality of the cake decorations, they were just so beautiful and ridiculously appetising!  I especially loved the gingerbread wreath and house.
The different areas each had equally lovely festive decorations which looked especially good set against the rustic barns.  I thought the use of polystyrene balls and sheets cut to make stars looked really effective.  There was even a little winter scene with penguins, a polar bear and snowy trees.
The stalls selling gifts included a wide variety of things including handmade candles, ornaments, glassware, baskets and festive decorations.  I may have adopted one of the needle-felted stag ornaments.
The next barn was my favourite in terms of decorations as I'm a bit of a sucker for a wooden beam, and these ones were strewn with garlands of berries, spruce and twinkling lights.
The grounds are just as lovely at the farm.  I'd not visited before, but quickly fell for the wonderful stone buildings and land that surrounded them. 
By this point having perused all of the stalls and explored the grounds, I was feeling peckish, so I got a scrumptious stone-baked margherita pizza which helped take the edge off my now frostily cold hands as well as my hunger.
Having finished my delicious pizza, we went off in search of more animals to coo over.  I spent a little longer with the goats and had my coat thoroughly chewed on and fingers nibbled.  We said hello to the horses who were decidedly more interested in their lunch than us, then to the chickens who were much friendlier, especially the one who kindly posed for my camera so nicely. 
It was a beautiful day and the perfect start to feeling festive; I may have even felt a smidge of excitement for Christmas as a consequence!

I would totally recommend visiting Whirlow Hall Farm Christmas Fayre next year if you have the chance, as it is such a fun way to spend a couple of hours and a wonderful way to start the Christmas season (plus, goats!!).



  1. Oh this looks wonderful and so so festive! I love countryside Christmas markets. They're often so much more genuine and cosy than the ones you find in cities (although I do like those too). I wish I'd be able to go to one this year!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    1. The joy of this place is that it is right on the edge of the city, so within easy reach. Such a gem in Sheffield! x


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