7 Jan 2016

Logan Rock and Pedn Vounder | A Cornish Road Trip

The next stop on our trip was Treen, a small village not too far from Land's End.  We pitched our tent at the rather lovely Treen Farm Campsite, which is perched on the cliff-top with beautiful views of the sea.

Our first place to explore nearby was the Logan Rock, an 80 tonne rocking stone found on an outcrop of rocks at the end of Pedn Vounder beach.  We set off through the village, picking up pasties to fuel our little exploration and headed off through fields towards the striking cliff edge.

The outcrop of rocks is also an iron age fort, with apparently still visible ramparts, however there were lots of rocks (how many times can I say rock in one post?!), so it was hard to tell which were which.
It may not have been the best day to have attempted the somewhat risque scramble we did over the rocks as the wind was really rather strong, especially so the higher and further out we got.  It was ridiculously exhilarating though.

With 360 degree views, every bump and scrape we got climbing was worth it.  Once we had reached the furthest we could safely reach, we sat and tried to take in our surroundings.  It was just so beautiful.

The actual Logan Rock itself, well I don't think I got a photo of it in isolation, but rest assured it is one of the rocks seen in the first two pictures!
On our way back to the coast path we spotted a sweet seal just bobbing in the water watching a guy fishing on the edge of the sea, probably waiting to snatch his supper.
We chose to take the coast path back to get a view of Pedn Vounder from the other side, however were distracted for rather a while by some gorgeous Dartmoor ponies.  They're kept by the cliff side to keep the vegetation under control, however one found my hands delicious as they were clearly very salty from climbing on the rocks battered by the sea water.  He licked my hand which was an odd experience to say the least!
We ended up heading out to look at the beach closer to sunset, which was definitely the right choice.  The tidal beach having created a circle of sand surrounded by water, looked just glorious in the dimming light.  It was also great seeing where we had climbed from a totally different angle.

As it was the evening the pathway had warmed up in the day's sun, so we happily stumbled across a slow worm.  I'd never seen one of these limbless lizards in person before and was so pleased I did, as seeing lizards in the UK is not very common at all!

Another beautiful and breathtaking day in an area I would most definitely return to.  Even looking back at these photos now, I can't believe I was in England of all places.



  1. These photos are so beautiful! What an amazing place to visit - so rugged, and I love those beach/cliff views!! X Carly

  2. Ah the coast of cornwall is absolutely stunning! It is hard to believe that its part of england sometimes haha! This makes me wanna go back to the UK and back to cornwall AGAIN!

    x Carina / Running White Horses

  3. That shot of the cove in the light is AMAZING. I've never been to Pedn Vounder as I'm over on the South Cornwall peninsula, but the colour of the water looks incredible. I think I may have to go have a little explore of it in the spring :D
    Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely day

    Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks! I was lucky to be blessed with such a perfect evening. You totally should, although in the summer beware that Pedn Vounder is popular with nudists haha! I didn't realise this until afterwards :/ x

  4. This sounds like so much fun! The animals would probably be my favorite part. That photo of the pony makes him look like he's smiling! Too cute! Great post!!
    x Kenzie

    1. Animals are always my favourite too! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it x

  5. Your photos get me every time. You make England seem so magical ♥


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