28 Jan 2016

Men-an-Tol and Ding Dong Mines | A Cornish Road Trip

On a darker and decidedly more atmospheric day, we took a trip out to the moors to see Men-an-Tol, an intriguing set of standing stones, one of which has a hole in its centre which it is said that if you pass through it, has healing powers.

The stones weren't too far from where we parked which was on the side of a road 2 miles south east of Morvah.  The walk took us along a country track into the moorland, over a stile and then to the stones.  With the grey clouds overhead, as I said previously, it was overwhelmingly atmospheric and stunningly beautiful.

Having passed through the stone hoping to absorb some of its power, we headed off through the vast swathes of moorland flowers to Ding Dong Mines which lay a little further away.
The colours were bright pinks and dusky purples from the heather, vivid yellows and dark greens from the gorse.  Dotted in between were blackberries and poppy heads.

It took decidedly longer and made for a somewhat frustrated Kyle as I stopped so often to snap the wondrous foliage.  The moorland that I'm used to only ever sees bright colours when the heather is in bloom, but always of the same hue.  This was something else entirely and I just wanted to soak all of it up.
It is thought that there has been mining in the area since ancient times, although the building that currently stands at Ding Dong mines was built between 1814 and 1878 and was used primarily for tin mining.

Although covered up, you can still see down a mine shaft next to the building and we took turns to drop small pebbles into the hole to see quite how deep it went.

There was something about this place however that made me feel uneasy, although why, I have no idea!
We headed back to the car as the sky started to hint that we may be in for a rain shower, so yet again I got to thoroughly enjoy the stunning floral display of the moor.

Since going, I often look back on the photos of the various flowers and plants that we encountered on this day; they fill me with so much joy!  I am so looking forward to the return of colourful blooms in the spring.



  1. This looks like a beautiful place. The blooming moorland is gorgeous! I love the lilac and the yellow together.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    1. It was so magical, the colours were just incredible x

  2. This looks stunning! I love how the colors just pop out!

    x Kenzie

  3. Wow, the moors are beautiful! I love the contrast of the yellows / oranges against the purple! x



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