1 Jan 2016

The Calm Before the Storm

With devastating storms battering the UK at the moment, getting out for a hike hasn't been high on my list of priorities.  I have been watching news of floods all over and as close to me as Leeds, which has made me feel so grateful that Sheffield has scraped by unaffected.  We have however had a lot of rain and gales, so when the forecast said there would be a gap in the terrible weather, grabbing this opportunity to get out and enjoy the fleeting sunshine and crisp winter air became paramount.

The day started with a wonderful sunrise; deep pinks and swirls of orange illuminated the city.  Around 1pm we headed off to Redmires Reservoirs on the edge of the west side of the city, then took the path that cut across to Stanage Edge.  It was just the post-Christmas walk that I needed and certainly blew out some of those cobwebs.

As we had started in the afternoon, there wasn't a lot of daylight left, but just enough to cast some beautiful shadows and silhouettes across the moors and farmland.  I couldn't help but be excited for future walks in 2016, as I have so much more of this amazing landscape to explore.

p.s. Happy new year!


  1. Oh how stunning. As always. I rarely comment because I feel that I can't articulate anything more that 'oh such beautiful photos' which is obviously a given.
    However, I just wanted to say take care and stay safe. Its scary up here and we are so lucky to live right on the mouth of the river where it goes out with the tidal water.
    Feeling so helpless and sorry for all those who have been effected.


    1. It has been so scary and as I said, I feel so fortunate to just happen to be in a location that rarely floods. It has been so horrible for so many people. I just hope that the government actually does something for them! I hope you're ok! x


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