15 Mar 2016

Spring has Sprung

I'm not going to pretend and make out like this post is anything deeper or more meaningful than it is, rather simply just so I can showcase two of my favourite things about spring, pretty flowers and baby animals.

This weekend really, really got me excited for the warmer weather and all of the wonderful things it brings with it. Longer, sunnier days, colour back in the trees and on the ground, the sound of bleating lambs in the countryside and the possibility of picnics on the horizon.  

To lift this post from being purely gratuitous, here is a beautiful excerpt from 'Spring' by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Nothing is so beautiful as spring—
When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush;
Thrush’s eggs look little low heavens, and thrush
Through the echoing timber does so rinse and wring
The ear, it strikes like lightnings to hear him sing;
The glassy peartree leaves and blooms, they brush
The descending blue; that blue is all in a rush
With richness; the racing lambs too have fair their fling.



  1. So pretty! The weather here hasn't brought any spring colors just yet but today it's raining so hopefully soon! I'm so ready for the warmth! :)
    x Kenzie

    1. I feel like since Christmas finished I've been desperate for the weather to warm up!! So happy it has now x

  2. Such amazing pictures! :-)


  3. Beautiful pictures!


  4. Amazing photos, I love them! :) Spring is such a glorious time of year! Alice xx



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