14 Jun 2016

Wet and Misty Valley Hike

To me, nothing says summer like a muggy, misty walk after a rainstorm has subsided.  I've spent many holidays on the British Isles doing just this, as the guarantee of a good stretch of nice weather is almost always non-existent.

After a week of hot and sunny weather, the day came where the skies opened with some serious enthusiasm.  The following day there was a break from the almost constant downpour, so we spent a couple of hours down by the river near our house.
The water from the rain had started to evaporate due to it still being relatively warm, but it lingered around the trees in a muggy mist which made me feel like my eyes themselves were foggy.  The trees and plants looked fit to burst with new bright green leaves, which seemed to have appeared from nowhere because of the hot sun followed by heavy rain.  Shoots of new growth like cow parsley and nettles had shot up so high, but the weight of the water having caused them to lean precariously across the paths.  The overcast sky only seemed to enhance the bright, vivid greens and whilst being under the cover of trees, it felt somewhat magical and totally atmospheric.

The usually gentle flowing river looked full to the brim, despite not being all that large.  Water poured over rocks and small waterfalls were transformed into torrents.  The stepping stones and wooden bridges to cross parts of the river and streams that ran alongside it were also considerably more slippery than usual!
We made our way out of the woods that lined the bottom of the valley and climbed up to a small country lane.  Beyond this, wild honeysuckle, brambles and bright pink wild roses lined the path onto a field, which was overflowing with meadow flowers and long grass covered in twinkling water droplets.
The stone walls which bordered the field were dotted with hot pink foxgloves, where bees busied themselves flying from flower to flower, collecting pollen.
The entire walk (other than the pup running off for a brief period) was really therapeutic.  As I've mentioned previously, life has been a bit more difficult than normal recently and it's seemed like ages since Kyle and I have been out for a decent walk together.  This couple of hours on a damp Saturday afternoon was just what both of us needed to clear our heads.



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