13 Sep 2016

Woodland, Moorland and a City View

Sometimes you stumble across somewhere so enchanting, that you just want to return over and over.

This is how I felt when we went for a Sunday stroll at Lady Canning's Plantation, just on the outskirts of Sheffield. With a mixture of coniferous and deciduous woodland that open out onto rolling moorland carpeted in heather, it wasn't exactly hard to fall for the place.

Despite being popular with dog walkers and having a mountain bike trail running through it, Lady Canning's Plantation is a perfect little escape without having to travel into the middle of the Peaks.  With lots of little paths, it felt easy to feel like you had the entire wood to yourself.
We first walked through the wood along the main path directly to the moorland, where the heather was still vibrant and blooming.  We made our way along a winding track to some large stones where we were totally taken aback by the vast view over the city.  It made me think back to when Kyle and I decided that Sheffield was where we wanted to live after university and people questioned,  'Why would you want to move there?  Why not London?'  I wish I could have shown them this view back then as my reply.
If we had kept along the track across the moor, we would have ended up at Burbage, another of my favourite places to visit, however not having had enough of the trees, we walked back through the woods.

We went via a different and much quieter track lined with heather, other wildflowers, ferns, broom plants with their popping pods and conifers which smelled just like Christmas.  The woodland became thicker and the dappled sunlight made the whole place feel like something out of a fairy tale.  At one point there were at least a dozen coal tits flitting from tree to tree across the path, totally oblivious to our presence.
Having looped back through the trees again, we crossed over the Ringinglow Road and across some fields, where we came to possibly an even better view over Sheffield.  It felt like being on top of the world being able to see so much of the city.  I thought to myself again, this is why I wanted to move here; despite being one of the largest cities in England, you get views like this one, whilst surrounded by countryside.

Aside from the spectacular views, what I also really loved about Lady Canning's Plantation was that you get to have a bit of two different types of walks and don't necessarily have to chose between forest or moorland.  I'm looking forward to visiting again over the coming months to see how its beauty changes along with the seasons.



  1. This looks literally like a fairytale! Stunning photos Anya! x

    Kate | http://katealifestyle.blogspot.com

  2. Stunning photos! Everything looks so Autumnal and I love it :)

  3. What a beautiful place! I love the heather at this time of year. A couple of weeks ago we went for a trip to whitby, and if it hadn't have been chucking it down, I'd have made my dad stop the car to take a 1000 photos of it on the moors!

    Stephie xx


    1. It is just so wonderful isn't it? Every year I find it breathtaking and can't help but take a load of photos too x

  4. Your photos are so beautiful! That place looks absolutely gorgeous, especially the stunning views in the last picture. x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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